This Home Security System Could Leave You Open To Hacking and Burglaries

Scott Repasky
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Back in 2015, one of the most popular home security systems on the market, the ADT Pulse system used in over 800,000 homes, suffered a security breach. It left thousands of people vulnerable to having their homes burglarized, and it's not even clear yet how big of a security risk it is. However, it isn’t the only security system that has had this issue. Another popular security company, Vivint, faced the same problem back in 2014. This is why you need to know the risks.

One of the biggest issues with home security is that the systems are vulnerable to hacking. ADT has over 155,000 security systems under its control, and in the breach, hackers were able to gain access to any of them. They do have a warning system in place that alerts users if the system is about to be accessed, but by then it’s likely too late.