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Best Features of Swann

Swann Security Cameras use some of the best features you will find in home surveillance cameras including local recording using internal hard drives and cloud recording using the internet.

Swann Security Cameras have up to 13 megapixels (MP) image quality and a 120 �° viewing angle. Some Swann Security Cameras have an infrared (IR) system that allows images to be recorded even when it is dark. The smart IR adjusts exposure and lighting with little to no light from the scene to create an image. Other security cameras may need additional light sources to get a proper image.

Swann Security Cameras have night vision capabilities up to 100 feet. Most security cameras rely on IR LED lights to record in the dark but this can give the camera a distinctive look. Swann Security Cameras use smart IR that does not give the camera a glare.

The Swann Security Cameras also have weather resistant housing for outdoor use. They have 2-way audio so you can talk to someone at home when the cameras see them. Swann Security Cameras are also compatible with countless DVRs and NVRs that work with your existing network.

Swann Security Cameras are compatible with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. They are easy to set up and use. The cameras also have a graphic user interface (GUI) that is color coded for ease of navigation.

Do I Have To Pay Monthly For Swann?

Swann doesn’t have monthly fees for using our cameras, either because they are not connected to a TV or they are connected after you purchase.

The only way you’ll be charged a monthly fee is if you own a Livall Personal Alarm. This is a device that can pair to a camera. If you bought a Livall along with your camera, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee, however, you can pair your security camera to many different personal alarm devices.

The other way you can be charged a monthly fee is if you own an Arlo camera. They do require a monthly fee for the camera service package, however, you can own several Arlo cameras as long as your purchase a subscription for each camera separately.

Swann Equipment Prices

The prices of Swann Security cameras and equipment are industry competitive and that’s a fair indicator that they’re providing a good product. However, Swann is a business and it is not uncommon for businesses to offer competitive pricing with higher than usual profit margins to attract business. As such, it is important to shop around for your Swann Security camera package. If you’re getting married or you have a baby on the way, you might have a security system integrated in your home. Shop around for the best deals.

If you’re interested in a home surveillance system with video, alarm, and other features, you might want to consider a DIY security system. It is possible to get a home CCTV system on a budget without a monthly fee and one of our favorites is the Swann Security Camera Kit.

Equipment Pricing Analysis for Swann

The following security camera listings are available through Amazon. Based on the current pricing, the average price per device includes the camera, a stand, and 8 GB SD Card. The camera lens has been listed as clear and wide angle unless otherwise indicated. Swann sells several other security camera systems, including ones with different camera lens, IP cameras attached to WiFi adapters, night vision cameras, zoom cameras, outdoor cameras, etc. If you are looking for special features such as cloud storage, reviews of security camera types are available online.

The first two camera types listed are HD wireless security cameras with connecting wire so that you can view your home from your PC or your phone, not wireless. Both of the camera kits are comparable, with similar pricing and cameras. Both have the same features. The only difference is one has a review rating of 3.8 of 5 stars, but the other has a 4.5 of 5 star rating. Neither of the brands has very many reviews, so these rankings may change in time. However, based on the initial ratings, both appear to have very reasonable quality cameras.

Price-Wise, How Does Swann Compare?

Swann Security Cameras are priced, on average, 25-50% below the competition, which is why they're a smart option for the consumer. If you are considering purchasing Swann Security Cameras, then you're on to something. It's a fact that Swann Security Cameras outperform their competitors in both quality and price.

As a top-notch manufacturer, they are able to create long lasting products to suit 100% compliance with the highest industry standards. Swann Security Cameras are one of the most trusted brands when you are in the market for a security camera. The company continuously strives to develop innovative security solutions in every industry they can.

But what about price? Swann Security Cameras today, undercut the competition in price and this is able to occur by creating numerous device lines. Each device line has a different price point and because of this, the company is able to target consumers and professionals regardless of the amount of money they are willing to spend on a solution.

This means that Swann Security Cameras are well known for their quality as well as their price. When combined with Swann Security Cameras competitive nature, it is an unbeatable combination to beat.

Swann in Our Smart Home

Swann security items are now part of my smart home. I have a security camera system in my home, along with other security items, such as a wireless flood sensor, motion detectors and an intruder alarm. In this way, I can see who is at the door, even if I am out; I can detect motion in areas of the home that may seem dark or vacant, and I can hear an alarm being triggered. As I said earlier, generally, I have a set of rules tied to these items, so if someone enters the home, the lights could flash on for instance, to get the attention of a neighbor. So now, I’m going to explain why I chose Swann as a security provider.

Pre-Installation Experience

The first time I had to deal with this brand was when I purchased a package with the contents of a CCTV, a camera kit, and screws. It arrived in good condition. I liked the color and the products were well labeled. There was a manual with the basic instructions, and there was a warranty card also.

When we need to install the items, we have to know that the camera works and the intercom. The cables are clearly marked, which is good. The installation was easy, and I didn’t have drilling problems because the brackets are adjustable.

HomeSafe View Google Assistant Action

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That's how your Action gets into the conversation. It means still talking to HomeSafe View Google Action and trying different phrasing and saying HomeSafe View Google [business name]. It's important to try different things because you might find that there are some cases where your Action will give what you want, but in a different way than you expected.

SAFE by Swann Google Assistant Action

Swann's exclusive Safe by Swann Actionable Intelligence helps make security smarter and simpler than ever. Through this unique feature, users can receive automatic notifications on their Swann security cameras when changes in the environment occur. This proactive approach to security gives you the peace of mind of better knowing what's going on in your home!

Vacation Watch

View real-time camera images on the free app to know more about the people who are coming and going from your home while you're away.

Swann Security Alexa Skill

You can now control your Swann security camera with your voice using the Amazon Alexa smart assistant. All you need to do is enable the skill in the Alexa app, enable camera control in the skill settings, and then you can use the voice commands.

The skill works with Swann security cameras including , , , and .

You can ask Alexa if a camera is recording which will display the camera status within the skill. For example if you ask: “Alexa, ask Swann to check the status of camera” then Alexa will give you a statement such as “Camera XX is recording in low quality and has no motion”.

You can also ask Alexa to turn a camera on or off. You can say something like “Alexa, tell Swann to turn camera XX on” or “Alexa, tell Swann to turn camera XX off” and the camera will be switched on or off accordingly.

Is Swann Worth It?

Swann is a company that specializes in making quality surveillance systems, with lots of different products to suit your needs. We have tried out a few of their products, and we ended up being impressed with their high-quality products and their low prices.

Swann products don’t have that high of an entry price, but this doesn’t mean they are low quality. In fact, their security cameras are as high quality as the other top-tier brands, and their prices are much lower.

The main reason why we chose Swann is because they not only have a wide range of products to choose from, they also have a wide range of prices to choose from. You will be able to find a camera that is affordable for anyone on a budget.

It’s very important to have a quality security camera in your home, because they can reduce the chance of burglary from happening. While home security systems can be useful, cameras are a great way to extend your security system for a relatively low cost. And we know from experience the thieves don’t prefer to be recorded while breaking in and stealing stuff.