Report your package theft and help us build a national data set

Scott Repasky
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If you’re like many Americans, you welcome the holiday season by ordering online and buying gifts for loved ones. But when you want to give your loved ones a gift … and give criminals a great holiday gift, too … just take a moment to report your package theft!

Calling local law enforcement when your gift is stolen can be vital to catching the criminals, but since the FBI doesn’t have a systematic method of tracking when items are stolen, even if an arrest is made, the victim still doesn’t receive their stolen property. The FBI, Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), and a few founding partners started the Package Theft Database, a purpose-built web-based tool that allows you to record package thefts and help us build a valuable data set.

Our goal is to increase crime reporting rates and access to justice for victims of package theft. We want you to file a report with law enforcement and share it with us, so we can all take action. We’ve created a free, secure, web-based tool that allows you to quickly and easily share details of your theft with the FBI, your local law enforcement and the Package Theft Database partners. We’ll use those reports to better investigate crimes, recover stolen items, and help deter theft by making the crimes less profitable.