2022 Package Theft Statistics

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Which States and Cities Are Most at Risk for Package Theft?

Neighborhood Scout's and SafeWise's most recent package theft data, provided by your local law enforcement agencies, ranks these U.S. cities for 2022 as the riskiest places in the country:

  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • Spokane, Washington
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Redding, California
  • Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Ogden, Utah
  • Bismarck, North Dakota

The safest places to buy a house are Emmaus and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Trenton, New Jersey; Red Wing, Minnesota; and Mooresville, North Carolina.

In spite of the thefts, package theft is on the decline and is now 23% below the highest levels reached in 2012. Package theft generally peaked in December, around the holiday season. Perhaps the Cyber Monday deals and fake deliveries are having a positive influence on package thefts.

If your property is part of the 10 million packages stolen in the U.S. every year, by taking a few precautions, you can protect your property from thieves.

The Delivery Economy

By 2025, almost 70% of the workforce is expected to be working in what's called the "gig economy" – a concept in which people don't work for a single employer, but instead offer their labor to a variety of different entities on a temporary basis.

This new direction (pun intended) becomes more and more clear as more and more companies like Uber, Lyft, Tinder, and TaskRabbit become more popular. The idea of efficient, same day delivery is solidifying these concepts even more.

Delivery thieves are taking advantage of these companies in order to make quick cash. The same day delivery economy is becoming increasingly popular, with major companies like Amazon, Google, and Uber delivering goods for instant gratification purchases.

This New York Times article dispels any doubt of the popularity of same-day delivery retailers. Restaurant delivery is on the way out. According to PWC, 40% of all online orders in June 2015 were for same-day delivery. Amazon has even gotten into the game with its Prime Now membership, which offers one and two-hour delivery on tens of thousands of items.

These convenient services, however, are exactly what criminals are counting on for their delivery thefts scheme.

As the delivery services become more popular, crooks will continue to take advantage of the system to make fast money.

How Are People Preventing Package Theft?

Today, no one wants to be home to receive their packages when destined for the doorstep. Thieves are out there and they are stealing packages left and right. This has become a problem with the low luring chance of getting caught. So, how can you avoid this problem?

Pending the theft, package theft is a shameful situation for any person’s home. Right now, people have to pay for their packages to be stolen and then pay even more to pay for the same product again.

The simplest and most common method for preventing package theft is to have a mail forwarding service. There are also other ways to prevent package theft. Continue reading to find out how to avoid package theft.

Suspicious Neighbors

You probably know the people around you fairly well. If you are on good terms with them, you can talk to them and they may be willing to help you out. If you see a suspicious person in your neighborhood, that you normally do not see, you should call the police.

Non-Shipping Notifications

You can receive non-shipping notifications from the post office, for all or some of the packages you've ordered. If you receive a notification that says the sender didn't ship the package, try to find the order details on your account and contact the shipping company as soon as possible.

Insurance Coverage

Most shipping companies provide some kind of insurance coverage on the shipments.

About This Report

This report contains statistics about package theft from home and the workplace in the U.S. between July, 2016 and June, 2022. The findings include:

  • Research and Packages Stolen: Auto…18.3%; Residential…14.3%; Work…5.4%
  • Most popular time of day for package theft at homes: weekday/evening/night…41.0%; weekday/day/evening…26.0%; weekday/day/morning…8.8%
  • Most popular time of day for package theft at work: weekday/evening/night…43.7%; weekday/day/afternoon/evening…23.8%; weekday/day/morning…13.2%
  • Percent of households that experienced package theft at home: 28.2%
  • Percent of businesses that experienced package theft: 24.4%
  • Percent of package theft at home where more than one package was stolen: 17.7%
  • Percent of package theft at home where the package was left outside: 17.4%

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