Macy’s Suffers Online Data Breach

Scott Repasky
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Retailers took a big hit in 2014, and the start of 2015 won’t be any better. The department store, Macy’s, announced that they have suffered an online data breach.

The breach was not the biggest, but could result in a lot of costly fines for the breach. Apparently, a software vulnerability allowed hackers to steal the details of about 100,000 customers and then use their credit card credentials. None of the details will aid a criminal in completing transactions (they are encrypted) but it is still enough of a breach to warrant a visit from the Secret Service.

Macy’s has not been forthcoming with information about the data breach, and will likely have to pay a fine. They have not revealed how the data breach occurred nor how the intruder got into the system. However, the company did issue a statement saying “We are committed to protecting customer privacy and will continue to work vigilantly to do so.”

The company stated that they are notifying customers that could have been affected by this breach. If your details were taken in this breach, you should look out for fraudulent charges on your credit card. Although no financial details have been revealed, this breach should be taken seriously, and you should monitor your accounts and credit card statements.

One Of Many

Macy’s, Inc. has confirmed a credit card processing breach that affected at least five of its midrange department stores in 2015. The relatively minor announcement has led to speculation that the five affected locations represent only a fraction of the entire number of stores that may have been compromised. The short announcement did not address whether the retailer had been proactive in alerting customers to the possible breach.

Breaches like this happen every day and it is increasingly common to be notified of a breach in the form of our credit and debit card issuers sending out alerts. Also, let’s not forget the recent news about the entire data base of the cheating website Ashley Madison being leaked. Although the FBI is investigating this person or persons, the chances are good that it will leak out and if you were on this site, your data could be susceptible to being stolen as well.