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The Link Interactive is a web-based training program provided by The Horse. The program allows you to connect to the world of The Horse, and access to help you want in an easy and convenient format.

The program is three-tiered: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level has educational and instructional material, simulation of real situations and video tutorials.

Beginners can enjoy the lessons, free of charge. Other levels require a subscription, which you can get by contacting The Horse. In order for you to access the complete course material, you will need to spend some time practicing.

The Link Interactive is particularly useful if you are still learning the basics of horse training. You can build your confidence by practicing what you have learned, as well as, access the material at any time and place.

Some tutorials are better than others, and some are more practical for learners. For example, the horse training simulator teaching you how to de-worm a horse is a great tool to have, but not really useful unless you are in the industry or know a veterinarian to talk to. Here is a list of the tutorials we have enjoyed:

The Link Interactive is perfect for:

  • People who prefer to do online courses
  • Individuals who need a refresher or need new strategies for safely managing a horse.
  • You can access the lessons anywhere, from any computer or smartphone that has an internet connection and the software.

Link Interactive is one of many newer companies that offer interactive television service to subscribers. It’s been advertising a lot lately, so if you’ve noticed the ads, I know what you’re talking about. That service offers a digital antenna, digital video receiver, and an HD receiver so that subscribers can watch and record high-definition television directly through their cable provider. However, you may have been hearing from others that the equipment costs a small fortune and you may be having second thoughts about signing up for the service.

Link Interactive’s equipment is every bit of what you are used to paying for a set electric DVR. The good news is it’s not nearly as expensive as some of the premium HD-ready pay television systems from satellite providers. Not only is the equipment inexpensive, but with Link Interactive you only pay for the basic, expanded, and premium channel packages rather than paying an additional fee for every premium bundle and movie channel you want. It’s just another indication that Link Interactive is becoming one of the more popular new alternative to for cable subscribers.

Equipment Cost Rundown for Link Interactive

Monitoring Package Options

Link Interactive Monitoring is currently the leading wireless home monitoring service in the country. It includes:

  • 24/7 alarm system monitoring and usage data
  • Remote control of your thermostat, door lock, lights, ceiling fans and much more
  • Email alerts for system use and security activity
  • Camera viewing and recording
  • Customization of home & system status
  • And a lot more…

Link Interactive Monitoring offers all of this online. There is no additional hardware to purchase. This makes their service much more affordable than other home monitoring services out there. For your protection, it’s important not to begin the installation of your security system yourself. It’s also important to know that the system is monitored by a NERC certified Central Station. This is one of the highest certifications possible.

Click here to learn more about Link Monitoring Services.

Why Professional Monitoring?

Link Interactive is the professional option and is the most frequently used service. It is ideal for homes where there are lots of pets, or for families with teens. It also allows for the largest scale of control within an account. If you need to set up custom schedules and rules to network attached devices, the Link Interactive service is your best option.

The service is ideal for active users accessing your devices from anywhere. The Link Interactive primary service allows individual users to control the system. Multiple users can also be added to manage the system. There are three types of interactive services for Link. These are Basic Interactive, Advanced Interactive, and Interactive Plus.

Basic Interactive, which is free, is simply a simple Read function for your system. It allows you to view the status of connected devices and when they were last accessed, but it does not allow the user to control the system.

The Advanced Interactive service offers all of Basic Interactive and allows the account owner to create schedules which will activate settings like: arming and disarming, lights, locks, and thermostat. The account owner will have the ability to view the history of events and details of sensors that have triggered these events.

Breakdown of Monitoring Packages

There are four monitoring packages for Link Interactive (DIY) Home Security Systems, including Package 100. The following sections outline the different monitoring packages, the costs and benefits.

The Link Interactive smart home solution is a hub that pairs easily with your home WiFi and other smart home devices, so you can control home lighting and temperature from your smartphone, tablet, or from one of the smart speakers. It also integrates with your security system, so that you can set it to arm or disarm with your other smart home devices. This means you can have it set where your home alarm is programmed to be armed at a certain temperature when you get to work.

Link Interactive also works with your existing systems, like the Nest thermostat, so that you can control everything all from one place. You can also link multiple smart home devices to one app, that way one app controls everything. If you can’t use your phone, you can use your voice, with the Google Home or a similar smart speaker, and get Alexa-based control, too.

Competitors have already emerged, competing with Link Interactive, although none are as comprehensive in scope. Some of the competitors that Link Interactive directly competes with include Hit Interactive and Funtivity.

How can Link Interactive expect to stand out in such a competitive market? By offering an excellent product. With first-mover advantage, Link Interactive can quickly corner the market by beginning to generate revenue immediately.

Before making their foray into the interactive baby products industry, Link Interactive was primarily focused on helping clients create a new website, optimize the existing website, and manage the online presence of the company. This is something that Link Interactive is accustomed to doing, and the transition to branching out into different industries and markets, should be relatively simple.

Overall Value

Link Interactive has a wide range of health insurance plans from which to choose. They offer USAA members affordable health insurance by cutting out the middleman. There is no expensive markup by healthcare providers which allows Link Interactive to keep costs low for customers. They also provide members with individualized plans to fit their specific health needs and lifestyles.

Some of the health plans offered by Link Interactive include:

  • Dental-Vision Plans
  • Dental-Vision Plans Health Savings Accounts
  • Health Savings Accounts Prescription Plans
  • Prescription Plans Wellness Plans
  • Wellness Plans Access to 8,000+ healthcare providers and specialists
  • Access to 8,000+ healthcare providers and specialists Dental-Vision
  • Dental-Vision Personalized healthcare solutions
  • Personalized healthcare solutions Health savings accounts
  • Health savings accounts Plans are guaranteed-issue
  • Plans are guaranteed-issue No waiting period
  • No waiting period Easy online application
  • Easy online application Affordable monthly premiums
  • Affordable monthly premiums Compare plans through the USAA website