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You want to educate, equip and empower your online users with the best possible security software. You want to make sure that when they're vulnerable, your software can protect them as best as possible. You want to work with us!

We are where online security experts come to work. We’re challenging. We’re collaborative. We’re creative. We’re cool. We’re in a growing industry. We work with top brands, acquire new customers and produce award-winning products. We are Mac Webroot and our team is waiting for you.

If you're looking for your next career move, rekindle your career passion or are a top 10% performer looking to go all-star, Webroot’s culture, career opportunities, people and product can take you there. They can take you to the next level.

We're inspired. We're innovative. We do things differently. There's no place for the status quo.

Join the team. It's where you want to be.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

After growing up on Long Island, NY Jason and Carlos discovered NY’s underground nightclub culture. They quickly learned that partying and security didn’t mix. Staying on their good side was the best approach.

They saw how difficult it was for security to rely only on physical presence and found out that crowd control is physically demanding and can be dangerously exhausting. They developed a new approach to security, combining high tech, rapid response technology with experienced staff to protect nightclub owners, managers, and patrons in a safe and professional manner. They started iCrowd keeping an eye on establishment guests, preserving the safety and peace for everyone, and after years of hard partying and long shifts worked out a formula: iCrowd = Intelligent, Interactive Crowd Control.

Since then, they have used this formula to grow their company nationally, protecting hundreds of thousands of club-goers. iCrowd evolved from members of crowd management to high tech venue operators of iBars, iClubs, iRestaurants, iSport Venues, iConcerts, and even iMovie Theaters. iCrowd revolutionized the venue entertainment business, combining rapid response intelligence with custom tailored security and technology to make any event safer, more fun, and more profitable.

Tap Into Your True Potential

Dream Team Hackers (DTH) is a group of some of the most talented security researchers in the world. We are based in multiple countries and our skillsets range from software development to offensive security. If you're experienced in the security field, you've probably heard of our work. The white-hat hackers at Dream Team Hackers have combined to find vulnerabilities in products from companies like Google, Microsoft, and Paypal. Your free membership at Dream Team Hackers is a great opportunity to tap into your true potential. Members also receive access to how-to videos, unlimited cloud storage, and other benefits. With over 2000 active members, the DTH forums are a great place to meet and collaborate with other security experts.