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First on our list for all sorts of home security systems is the Cove Security System. This is a DIY home security system that is capable of monitoring and alerting you about intruders all while being user friendly enough for everyone to use. The idea behind the Cove Home Security System is simple: it is a digital home security device that is integrated with an app, keeping you in the loop regarding any events happening at your home.

Cove has a few different features that you should know before using the product. For starters, it has a camera, an alarm and it alerts your phone whenever there is an intruder, even if the device is disconnected from the internet. If you have an intruder in your home, the camera turns on and the alarm goes off. If you are not home and the alarm goes off, you will receive an automated alert telling you that there is an intruder in your home.

The camera also comes in handy if you want to monitor your pets or other people at your home. You can position it in different areas of your home and set it to record whenever there is motion within certain areas of your home.

Other than these two features, the Cove Home Security System also comes with a panic button and an emergency alert button. The Panic Button will alert your phone that you need help, without making a loud sound. This is an easy way to request help from others or your phone without alerting the intruder that you have called for help.

Cove 8 Piece Wireless Home Security SystemBest OverallCove 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System

1. Cove 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System

Our rating: 9 / 10

Cove 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System

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  • 24/7 professional monitoring is included with each security system
  • Access live streaming and recorded video from your home security system via your Internet browser or smartphone app
  • Can expand up to 32 cameras and 150 sensors
  • Can control lights, doors, windows, garage and thermostat settings
  • Can have up to 10 users and an unlimited number of guests
  • Supports 2-way voice intercom communication from the panel and cameras
  • Easy installation process
  • Professional monitoring systems in 200 countries

Home security systems have come a long way from the home dial-up alarms of the 1950s. With the advanced technology of the modern age, alarms have become far more efficient at deterring burglars than the simple alarms of the past. An alarm’s functionality has now been transferred to a smartphone app, making it easy to access the home monitoring system from anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Cove a good security system?

Cove is a well known brand in the home automation field. The home security system is one of their more expensive offerings. But is it worth the price? Well, it depends.

Cove does have a very responsive technical support team. And if you want to get a high quality touch security panel then this is one to check out.

However, there are a few things that might give you pause when considering Cove.

First off, there have been some reports that the mobile app for the system didn’t work very well. So if you are thinking of using the app to arm and disarm the system, you might not be too happy with the experience.

Is Cove or SimpliSafe better?

They are both good security systems. They both offer home security monitoring and they both offer visual sensors (though SimpliSafe’s sensors are infrared). When it comes to comparing SimpliSafe vs. Cove, it is always going to come down to your needs. If you are looking for smart home integration, SimpliSafe is a better option. But, if you are looking for more comprehensive and customizable security monitoring, Cove wins.

Installation for SimpliSafe requires you to either attach your sensors with self-adhesive pads, or installing screws. While you can install it with your own hands, you will need a professional to do a proper job. On the other hand, Cove can be installed by anyone.

Declaration: SimpliSafe is conducting a home security system review giveaway. Read our disclosure here.

How does Cove security work?

Cove security installs a small wedge shaped sensor, about the size of a quarter on all four sides of your front and back door. These sensors wedge into the door jam and are extremely hard to spot when not in use. Once the sensors are embedded, Cove will know if your doors are opened and closed with an accompanying smartphone app. You will receive a notification that your home has been breached.

The advantage to a system such as this is that it will tell you if and when your doors are opened. It will also tell you when the door is shut again, but this feature requires that you enter a security code in the app which is unique to your home.

If you are not home when the sensor detects a breach, you will receive an alert on your phone instantly. The app allows you to see which door opened and whether your doors were locked before they were opened.

Do you need WiFi for Cove security?

Not everyone needs a wireless home security camera system. The more IP cameras you have more the chance it will be difficult to configure. If you already have a router, you can use the built-in WiFi of your home to see what your cameras are seeing with one device.


With more and more people in rural areas attaching value in their homes as a result of the current economic climate, the crime rate has been on the rise too. The crime rate has influenced

People to start looking for security systems for their homes and businesses. The type of system that is used for his purpose has also undergone a number of changes. The old systems were usually limited to closed circuit television installed in strategic places. But the new systems are several folds more advanced than just security camera systems. They have a number of specialized sensors that can detect intruders.

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Cove 8 Piece Wireless Home Security SystemBest OverallCove 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System