Choose Your Own Adventure with Amazon Alexa and Audible

Scott Repasky
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You're reading this book [Alexa: How Alexa Helps Audible Listeners Listen More], so you're obviously interested in Amazon's Alexa, the conversational voice technology that's quickly becoming a staple of smart homes. Amazon has been quick to leverage this new technology, which is why you can already use Alexa for many of the features that you'd use your smartphone for.

Alexa brings the Web’s information-rich sites to your fingertips. Currently, Amazon has signed partnerships with over 7,000 developers to bring its Alexa features to connected devices. The list of devices that support Alexa is growing daily, and you can already use Alexa to do such tasks as telling you the weather forecast, ordering a pizza, taking a selfie, or finding information on a variety of topics ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the prevalence of osteoporosis.