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Best Wireless Home Security Systems of 2022

If you’re looking for the Best Wireless Home Security Systems of 2022 you’ve come to the right place! We’ve reviewed the top five companies to find the best blends of customer service, ease of use, and cost effectiveness.

The four companies we’ve reviewed are:

  • ) First Alert
  • ) SimpliSafe
  • ) MONI
  • ) Scout

We’ve created a list of factors that we’ve found are important when shopping for the best wireless home security system. The ones we’ve personally considered are:

Number of Door Sensors

The Best Wireless Security System requires a minimum of 6 door sensors. Each door sensor comes with a one-year battery.

Ask yourself how many doors you have in your home. Oh, and we mean every door. If you have a condo with a basement, an apartment, a single family residence, a duplex, or even a gated entrance, you’ll need a few more door sensors.

SimpliSafe – Best Wireless Home Security Overall

About SimpliSafe Equipment

Two packing pieces, the main control panel and the keypad. Wireless keypad can be placed in a good location or on the lower part of your doors.

SimpliSafe also offers back up communication alternatives. You can surrender a telephone number at the time of setup to have the SimpliSafe program always reached by dialing your programmed number. You can, in addition, include up to five other SimpliSafe individuals into the system. Scheduling an e-mail or video alert or adding a SimpliSafe person is done on the website, from wherever you have a web association.

To evacuate your home, pull the keychain off the control panel or tap in the unique PIN code, which is different from every time use code, and the main control panel will release an overwhelming shriek which sets off within one minute and will ensure you realise that the keychain was taken off the control panel and that your home is protected.

SimpliSafe enables to report detected checks to any nominated phone number which helps with the arranging of somebody to check on the SimpliSafe client.

When a crisis happens, for instance, if your home is broken into, the SimpliSafe keypad can be utilized to report the term to authorities with the push of a catch. SimpliSafe can then tailor check reports on your behalf.

About SimpliSafe Monitoring

SimpliSafe is a home security system that comes in a few different varieties, depending on your needs. The base model includes everything you need to secure a small apartment:

  • Two entry pads
  • One motion detector
  • One keypad
  • Two entry sensors
  • Two wireless key fobs
  • Two window and door sensors
  • One panic button

All you need to do is set up the entry pads, motion sensor, keypad, and panic button near your main doors and windows, and set up the sensors in your doors and windows. The entry pads will remain sealed during the setup process, so there’s no risk of damaging any of the electronics. Once you unpack the sensors and place them in your main entry points, the rest of your installation is done wirelessly.

With the other models, you also have the option to add other sensors, like glass break sensors. You can protect everything in your house in one fell swoop with a SimpliSafe wireless home security system.

Vivint – Best Wireless Security with Home Automation

Vivint currently boasts more than 1 million home security systems installed across the country, making them one of the most popular systems on Amazon. It boasts a wide range of devices available to help keep your house safe and secure including indoor and outdoor motion detectors, interior and exterior cameras, and door and window sensors.

Many reviewers specifically spoke about how, despite the large number of devices that can be connected to the control panel, Vivint was incredibly easy to set-up.

User ratings for the Vivint system average above 4.6 out of 5 stars across nearly 200 reviews on Amazon, and numerous reviewers left remarks about how they were more than satisfied with their wireless home security system.

Check out the Vivint website for more information on their Interactive Plans & System products.

About Vivint Equipment

Vivint started in 1999 with a security system designed for residential customers. By 2002, the company had expanded its offerings to include home automation products. The company offers a unique system based on a contractual agreement, which means customers pay a monthly fee to access the company’s mobile app or website.

With Vivint, customers have the option of purchasing a security system or automation package. The security systems include items such as cameras, door sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and they can be customized by adding or subtracting items per customer need.

Competing packages include a variety of items including integration with light bulbs and garage door openers. These packages are typically shaped around the idea that homeowners want the convenience of controlling their home with an app or voice-activated system. Vivint’s systems are intended to serve as a supplement to rather than a replacement of existing systems, but they can be used as a total replacement by adding new phone sets.

Mobile Application

All products rely on the Vivint app or website.

The app includes options for paying bills. Customers can add devices and services, view the status of items, adjust settings, and add users in seconds. The user interface is uncomplicated and easy to use, and it’s an app that focuses on the task at hand.

About Vivint Monitoring

Vivint indoor home security cameras provide you with a pulse on what is going on in your home. Real-time video and two-way audio ensures loved ones are always protected and never out of sight. Indoor home security cameras are the perfect way to take care of any busy schedules that keep you away from home.

Vivint’s indoor home security camera lineup includes PIR and window sensor cameras with built-in sirens that provide a deterrent to potential intruders, along with a motion detector, ensuring a full range of home security benefits. Protect the people you care about the most with Vivint’s indoor home security cameras, door locks and more.

ADT – Best Professional Monitoring

But Costly.

According to the 2013 “2014 U.S. Ranking Report on Residential Security Systems by Consumer Reports, ADT’s monitoring service is at the top. Along with the monitoring and extensive list of security products and services, ADT security offers the most flexible and innovative packages: anytime, anywhere access to their monitoring services, Interactive Home Viewer, as well as Interactive Video Messaging, and an Energy Usage Monitor tool.

However, ADT is the most expensive option. On the other hand, if you want affordable security package, go with MONI’s Smart Dangerscope. It’s mobile-centric, portable, and doesn’t require a long-term contract. Simplisafe is also a good option; it doesn’t come with a specific contract period (so you can cancel it anytime), and it offers different levels of monitoring services. It’s also cheaper than ADT.

Others include VIP Home’s continuous service, as well as 24-hour monitoring, which ensure that even if you’re away from home, you’ll always get immediate help. However, most of the paid security monitoring services do make false alarm monitoring by dispatchers a priority from the onset.

About ADT Pulse Equipment

ADT Pulse is available nationwide and is one of the best home security systems available. ADT Pulse features a control panel with a 7-inch touchscreen, a wireless keypad, and a cellular backup system. Pulse allows you to arm and disarm your security system remotely and it sends you alerts and lets you know what is happening in your house while you’re away.

ADT Pulse Protect Service is included and it also offers a few more features than other traditional services like ADT Basic. With Protect Your Home, you get access to ADT’s home automation service and it allows you to control many of your home’s connected devices such as lights, heating and cooling systems, and locks.

The ADT Smart Home System allows you to control your security system from your phone and it also includes other features such as the ability to set security modes and set presence detection.

And if you don’t use home automation services, you can still take advantage of the Pulse control panel’s other features. The touchscreen is easy to use and there is a “green” home screen that gives you an overview of your energy usage. The screen also lets you view live HD video of your home.

About ADT Monitoring

ADT Security Services is the largest security company in the world with over 700 monitoring centers. The company started as a local provider in 1881 and has offices across the country. It has broadened its service to provide solutions for a wide range of security needs now, including home security, business security, medical alert systems, auto security, and other forms of commercial security. The company offers a broad range of security services including home automation, video surveillance, fire detection, and medical alert systems.

The company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida with operations in North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific. ADT has its own residential-based network of security alarm monitoring stations, which are called Monitoring Centers. These centers enable the security alarm monitoring service of ADT to monitor the home alarm systems, which are in turn monitored by the individual Monitoring Centers. This allows for remote monitoring and control over the security systems deployed in the residential and commercial properties.

ADT’s high level of customer support is what keeps its customers coming back. Starting with a free Security Risk Analysis custom-tailored for your home and family, through the installation of a wireless home security system, ADT Security Services goes out of their way to make sure that you are safe, secure, and satisfied.

Frontpoint – Best DIY Wireless Security

About Frontpoint Equipment

Frontpoint Security has only one type of home security equipment, and this is the wireless digital keypad control. This is installed at your front door, and they call it the Control Panel. This panel holds a panel of buttons programmed with various functions. After installation, you are then given a log-on, which you can set up on your computer or on a compatible cell phone. Frontpoint also has a feature that allows you to receive text messages as well as email updates of activities occurring within your home.

When you get a cell phone, you will sign up for a two-way voice service, so your home will be individually protected 24 hours a day.

When you make a purchase, you will be given the option of paying for your system by month or for three years. If you select monthly, you will make a small monthly payment for the monitoring of your system, along with zero-credit check monitoring of your accounts for identity theft. If you choose the three-year plan, you will get a stand-alone product and a full rebate. Frontpoint also has a plan for businesses. If you own a business and have a lot of employees, you can rent the system and select among the best deals they have.

At Frontpoint, when you buy their security system, you will be given a selection of the best security and monitoring options available.

About Frontpoint Monitoring

Frontpoint Security System is one of the most popular home security systems in the US. The company provides professional installation and monitoring services. Although some company provide DIY installation along with the purchase of a security system, Frontpoint doesn’t go for that and leaves all installation work to the professionals.

The Frontpoint Security System arrives with all components, but the professional installation is mandatory. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly DIY security system. Frontpoint is not the company for you. However, if you want a professional and worry-free installation service, Frontpoint is a reasonable option.

As a customer, with your Frontpoint, you’ll get numerous possible features such as automatic notifications, custom surveillance zones, and premium monitoring rates for total safety.

Abode – Best No Contract Wireless Security

Abode is a self monitor, self-install system designed for homeowners who want to monitor access to their properties and systems. Abode uses Z-Wave certified wireless connection, which is why it is able to be installed both indoor and outdoor. Abode also has the most advanced home automation technology. It is compatible with smart devices from Nest and Smart Things.

It works with a wide range of sensors that can be monitored for activity. Abode is supported by an active user forum for support and also has a 24-hour support center that is used to resolve issues. Abode is easy to install and also has good customer service. The only downside of Abode is that it only works with Z-Wave or Zigbee compatible devices. While this is a great feature, the drawback is there are not a lot of smart devices available in this category.

Abode also has their own In-House Monitoring. The monitoring plans are fairly expensive but if you are a DIY (do it yourself) type of person, then this option is a viable one. The system can also be used for integration with other third-party monitoring systems. Meaning Abode is not a system that requires you to have a monitoring contract with Abode.

Get Abode system here.

About Abode Equipment

Abode offers wireless monitoring and security for the home. Easy to install and including all the tools to mount all the sensors, the company leads in the area of wireless monitoring and entry devices. Their equipment transmits to the main panel directly, so you don’t need to run a cable through the walls.

Abode services provide a variety of customizable options for automation for doors, as well as windows, lights, and thermostats. The best thing about their home security systems is that you can get everything you need in one single package.

You can control everything from the palm of your hand with the help of their Starter Kit. The panel includes a smart hub, which can manage all the sensors through Abode’s free mobile app. The free self-monitoring home security system is compatible with your existing Wi-Fi connection and can be customized for your specific security needs.

About Abode Monitoring

Abode is the innovator of the connected home security system, bringing together simple, all-in-one products and services. With the Abode platform of products and capabilities, a well-designed App, and a flexible subscription service, the Abode system is simple enough for daily use, and powerful enough to protect your home and family in any situation.

Abode provides cybersecurity, professional monitoring, and home & business automation together with a premium home security system that puts you in control of your home’s safety and security.

All Abode smart home products and services are connected, comprehensive, and simple to use. All you need is the Abode gateway and you’ll connect every piece of your smart home, from Home Automation to security, monitoring, and more.

Abode uses its powerful cloud platform to bring together and analyze data from every device in a way that others can’t. Protect your family and property with the most intelligent, flexible, and inexpensive home security system today.

Abode is more than just a home security system. Their platform provides the best of automation, professional monitoring, cybersecurity, and scene detection. You can protect every device in your home with one system, one App, and one monthly, all-inclusive, flat-rate cost. With Abode, you have a home security system that is flexible in how you use it.

Comparing Wireless Home Security Systems

We have scoured the web to identify the leading wireless home security systems that are available today. Given the plethora of products and systems to choose from, it can be very difficult to determine which system is best suited to your requirements. Whilst each system has a multitude of options and specifications to choose from, they can be generally be categorised by either being a wired system or a wireless (Wi-Fi) system.

We have identified three leading wireless home security systems that have a proven track record and innovative technology , and we have also identified three leading wired home security systems that have also established a great reputation and numerous plus points for users.

To help you compare the major features and specifications of each of the wireless and wired systems, we've included a table that outlines the main features for each of them. We've also given our thoughts about each and highlighted some of their main strengths and weaknesses

Safeshop Alarm

Safeshop Alarm has been designed for the budget conscious user and offers a great balance between price and quality. With built-in battery and a GSM (cellular) module that eliminates the need for laying cables, you don't need to worry about additional installation fees or hiring an electrician to run cables. The alarm's state of the art motion detection technology is coupled with a wide range of sensors to ensure complete protection of your home or business.