Best Outdoor Security Systems of 2022

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Types of Outdoor Security Cameras

Wireless outdoor cameras come in several models.

For example, if you want to be able to take your camera to different locations, you may opt for the larger battery-powered units which can be easily moved.

These are generally referred to as weatherproof security cameras.

Another option is to go for the wireless cameras, which are more discreet in terms of size.

These types of cameras are easier to conceal.

There are also other types, which are completely wireless.

With these cameras, you will only need to place them somewhere, without having to pay attention to the wires.

Thus, if discreetness is something that you are looking for in terms of your wire-free cameras, you are in luck.

Another great thing about these types of cameras is that should you need to change your location, you can simply do so without having to mess with the wires and make sure that you do not damage them.

As for the wired cameras, you should know that these can offer more in terms of video quality.

However, the wired cameras all need to be connected to a power source.

Thus, this means that if you need to drastically change your location, you will have to go back to the place where all of your wiring is, and then change it all.

Also, it is worth mentioning that there is another option, namely the wireless outdoor dome security cameras.

Best Outdoor Security Systems in 2022

Let’s face it. The outside of your home is vulnerable to attack. The police can’t be everywhere at once. And security companies don’t have enough manpower to cover the overtime hours necessary to adequately protect your home. Your outdoor security system needs to be keyed to your system so that you can inform the police of the events as they occur.

The best outdoor security system will be keyed to your indoor system for several reasons. It’s cheaper to do it once than to pay for two separate security systems that can’t share resources. However, most importantly, the two system have to share the same phase and power. Without the same power, the system’s control panel, sensors, sirens, and cameras will not line up effectively.

FEMA recommends that a camera’s field of view cover at least a 120 degree arc encompassing the space just outside the garage door. You should also have a camera over the back door and side door if applicable.

If you have a large home or substantial acreage, consider investing in a wireless camera.

Also, consider placing a deadbolt lock on the door that leads outside. Lock all of your doors and windows!

ADT – Best Outdoor Security System Overall

ADT is one of the most popular security system companies in the United States, and is also one of the oldest and most established companies, having been in existence since 1900. ADT was started by the Brillion brothers, who experienced a rash of burglaries and set out to combat the issue. From that was born the largest security company in the United States with more than 4.7 million customers and 6,000 employees in the US and Canada. ADT is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, and has over 1,000 offices from New York City to San Diego.

ADT started off offering burglary protection, but has grown to offer other services such as home automation, home security, life safety, and more. ADT has a strong foothold in the home automation market and has developed a proprietary suite of tools called Pulse.

Pulse combines a home monitoring system, touch screen panel, home security cameras, remote control apps, lighting and plug-and-play devices into a single, integrated system, with no monthly fees for the hardware, app or services. ADT has also expanded into the mobile app arena by offering the ADT Pulse remote access and security system free of charge for anyone with a compatible smartphone. Features of the ADT Pulse mobile apps include Pulse Video, Pulse Remote, Pulse Pulse and Pulse Greet. Took over from Icontrol. They also started focusing on wireless to make it easier to install.

ADT Outdoor Security Cameras

If you want to secure your home both inside and out, then ADT's complete line of cameras and outdoor security systems is just what you need. ADT provides a variety of equipment options and kits to ensure that you're able to secure your home from so many different angles and corners.

There are several outdoor security camera options available from ADT, and all of them are constructed to withstand the elements. Whether you choose one of the bullet cameras, a dome camera, or a larger network camera, you can rest assured that they're all going to stand up to whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at them.

ADT knows that sometimes, after a long day, you may forget to turn on the lights or lock the door. With their security cameras, you can have an extra set of eyes to help you make sure your home is always in tip-top shape and ready for you to calm down after a long day.

ADT's exterior cameras are a great way to document what's going on at your house while you're away for a few days, a week, or even just while you go to bed. Having video recording and footage can be so useful and enable you to see exactly what took place and who was there.

ADT Security & Smart Home Equipment

From the biggest picture to the smallest details, ADT integrates home security systems, home automation and home monitoring offerings, offering a smart, reliable, flexible, high-value solution for modern homes. ADT provides Connected solutions for a safer life, enhancing everyday life and safeguarding its people, places and valuable possessions. ADT was founded in 1874 to call the police in burglary emergencies and now provides a full range of smart home and business security.

ADT now partners with Amazon's Alexa to offer voice control of some functions of ADT security and home automation systems, through the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap smart home devices.

ADT Pulse is an all-in-one smart home security and automation platform that offers best-in-class equipment and customizable solutions. Created to give residential customers the ability to manage their homes and family members remotely, ADT Pulse is a scalable solution for homeowners to build, control and protect their homes. It incorporates video surveillance, automation, voice control, mobile alerts, and home intelligence.

With ADT Pulse you can:

ADT Pulse is available as a package for new customers, or can be added on to the system of existing customers who have a 5800i or Pulse Video Center 2 security system.

The ADT Pulse Interactive Plan includes:

Vivint – Best Outdoor Security with Automation

Vivint is an industry leader in home security, and they also have an outdoor camera option. The indoor and outdoor security products are similar in many ways. The indoor and outdoor systems utilize the same panels, and the interactive touchscreen panels feature the same options. There are options for movement sensors, door and window sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and temperature sensors that can be incorporated into the system. Cameras are most often a strong feature on Vivint security products.

The indoor and outdoor security cameras can usually be viewed from the touchscreen panel, and the video can be recorded to the cloud. The outdoor cameras are usually wireless, and subscribers can have up to 24 cameras in their account. Vivint also offers solar panels and battery backups that can be utilized for the wireless and hardwired cameras.

Vivint offers its customers free cloud storage for up to 30 days of recordings. There is the option to buy more storage. The service also has a cleanup feature that will be needed because the recordings can only be viewed in increments of five minutes. The system can also be accessed on all types of smartphones and tablets.

The homeowners who feel that Vivint is the best outdoor security system of 2022 will find that the app is easy to navigate. There are a lot of options that can be customized, and features can be added or taken away to create a customized security solution.

Vivint Outdoor Security Cameras

Vivint outdoor security cameras:

  • Are part of the Vivint Smart Home security system
  • Must be installed and monitored by a Vivint Pro
  • Can be added to any existing Vivint Smart Home security system

Must be protected by a Vivint Smart Home alarm monitoring system.

Vivint started from humble beginnings as Las Vegas, NV's first home security company. Today, the company has won numerous honours in the home automation field.

Vivint outdoor cameras are top of their class for several reasons:

The cameras are equipped with night vision technology.

They can be installed within minutes, using the simple step-by-step guide that's included with your camera.

They are weatherproof and can withstand any type of outdoor temperature.

The system is expandable and will continue to grow with you as you add new cameras and locations.

They have an interactive 3D viewing experience.

The cameras have pre-recording and can get rid of the constant recording cycle that's common with many other cameras.

They will automatically record what happens if there is a break-in.

Overall, Vivint is one of the most trusted brands in the home automation industry. The cameras are durable, reliable, and installing the system is easy. This is why you should consider adding Vivint outdoor cameras to your Smart Home.

Other Vivint Equipment for Safety & Automation

Frontpoint – Best DIY Outdoor Security

Frontline has been one of the leading home security companies for years, providing exceptional services and products to their customers. In all my years of testing gadgets and reviewing products, I have never come across such a great DIY security system.

Frontpoint offers one of the best DIY security systems that's user-friendly and flexible. Their security system is also packed with features and customizable options which will suit your needs, no matter what they are.

No Monthly Fees – Professional Monitoring Is Available for a Low One Time Fee that Includes Medical Alert and Fire Protection Services

Easy DIY installation. No experience necessary! Technicians can also give you a hand, if you prefer.

Use the optional check6 cellular backup service as a true failover signal in case of a power outage or other service disruption.

Expandable up to 6 hardwired or wireless keypads and to 4 wireless motion detectors per radio.

With its No-Term Contract it is truly a groundbreaking home security system that you can trust in!

Frontpoint Outdoor Security Cameras

Frontpoint offers several security camera packages for the outside, but if you’re looking for cameras you can install yourself, you’ll want to consider the Frontpoint Outdoor Cameras w/Night Vision Security Camera and Camera Power Adapter Kit.

It has a wired setup with an outdoor case for indoor or outdoor use. It comes with two outdoor cameras, one indoor hd monitoring system, one landline adapter, and one power adapter. The cameras and the monitoring system connect to your internet router. You can monitor your home from anywhere with internet access. The cameras cover a wide 180-degree field of vision at night and during the day.

The landline adapter and power adapter are two different things: when you use the landline adapter, you can record a video clip from your surveillance system using an SD card. When you use the power adapter, the system records when it detects an alarm or motion activated.

No matter which package you choose, each one has different camera features such as video resolution, night vision, and much more. To determine which one is best for you, match your security needs with your home environment, the placement of your camera, and your personal preferences. You can check out all the camera options on the Frontpoint Website to find the best cameras for you.

Frontpoint Home Security Equipment

The Frontpoint Home Security System is best for homeowners looking for a customizable home security solution. As The number one security company in the country, Frontpoint is home to a team of industry experts who specialize in all things home security. This system is often used for protecting your home from theft, fire and environmental threats.

The Frontpoint Security System can be customized with different levels of protection, custom alarm devices, and customized monitoring options. The Frontpoint App allows caregivers to monitor the home from anywhere, at any time. It stores recorded footage of evidence and sends notifications when anything changes in the home.

Equipment shown above is included and also available for purchase separately. Frontpoint is one of the few companies that offer custom equipment options. They also offer a free installation option for their equipment, which is one of the reasons Frontpoint is a top choice for home security.

Ring – Best Alexa Compatible Outdoor Security

The Ring by the doorbell and security camera company, is one of the best Alexa compatible outdoor security system solutions. With the recent acquisition of professional security provider, Icontrol Networks, and their security software, the Ring is slowly becoming the market leader in home automation.

Although it doesn’t have the number of cameras as some of the other solutions, the quality and seamless integration with all of your other Ring products make this an excellent choice. This solution works with both wired and wireless connections, so you can reduce installation costs by choosing the cheaper option.

The Ring comes with a range of next-gen features, such as a floodlight sensor, which activates the camera when it senses light levels drop to an unsafe level. Generally, this is in your best interest, since it helps to conserve energy. However, in certain situations, you may need to disable this feature.

Overall, this was an excellent product that boasts a subscription-free service, which requires the initial purchase of hardware. And with the range of optional faceplates, users can simulate the traditional post side appearance.

Ring Outdoor Security Cameras

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Pro Plus are motion-activated doorbells that come with a built-in camera that records video and sound. Ring smart doorbells are powered by battery. You can connect the doorbell to a hard-wired Ethernet network or to Wi-Fi. Ring Doorbell live streams events that are triggered by motion or pre-recorded alerts.

The Ring Doorbell Pro and Pro Plus come with two rechargeable batteries and the option of purchasing four more. You can buy a solar panel and direct the power generated to a reserve battery. This recharges your doorbell’s battery in the sun. Additionally, Ring Doorbell connects to a GroundStation for recharging. It’s a rechargeable battery base that plugs into a hard-wired outlet. The GroundStation device uses a Wi-Fi signal for charging. When the Wi-Fi signal is weak, the device recharges the batteries using power from a normal outlet.

Ring Alarm Security & Smart Home Equipment

The Ring Alarm Security & Smart Home Equipment is a new system, which aims to provide a more comprehensive monitoring and security system, in your home. From cameras, to lighting, to other facets, there are a lot of things that you can use this for. This is designed to be more convenient and accessible for pros and others, who want to monitor many areas.

The Ring Alarm uses wireless sensors, which are used to monitor your home for intrusions, motion, smoke, and more. These sensors are attached to the doors or windows, which you want to focus on monitoring, or the areas which you want to monitor the most, so that you know when there is an intrusion, when there is movement, or if there is smoke.

The Ring Alarm can be used with or without wiring to the house. It is a wireless system. This means that, if you want to get an idea of the cost and installation, you will need to have a basic idea of what you are looking at. This is designed to be used for a medium sized, or larger, home.

While this is fairly comprehensive, specifically for clients that want a higher-end system, it comes with a price. This is not going to be the model for those that want to stick to a budget. It is going to be fairly cost-prohibitive, when compared with other, more affordable, systems.

Nest – Best Google Compatible Outdoor Security

The Nest Cam In-Ground Security Camera comes in a few different variants, depending on what you want to use with it. It is a great system for your home and for your garden, although it can be used in a few other places as well.

The camera can help to keep track of who is coming and going around your home when you’re out, and it can also be used to keep an eye on your dogs or anything else you want to keep an eye on when you aren’t there.

The camera is motion activated and it can also tell when there is something concerning going on and send you alerts via email or other notification channels. The system has pre-recorded snippets of sound, which can be used to piece together an incident if you don’t get a clear clip when it happens.

The camera itself is fairly hard to spot and it also comes with a small solar panel to keep the battery going and to keep you from having to replace the battery as often. It’s a great camera, which can be left out in the garden or around the pool if you want to put it somewhere that might get wet. The camera comes with a great app and it’s fully compatible with the Google software.

Nest Outdoor Security Cameras

The Nest Outdoor Security Camera i’s a solid pick. This camera is sleek and discreet. If someone were to walk by this camera, they would barely notice it. It can be placed on the edge of your home, and it would blend in nicely. Though this camera is discreet, it is not lacking in any major ways.

The Nest Outdoor Security Camera has a 4K resolution. This is ideal for getting a clear picture when you are viewing the footage on your computer. In a way, it’s a step-up from most security cameras. After all, 1080 is more than what you need for security footage, but 4K filming will ensure that no details are missed.

This camera even has night vision capabilities. It can pick up visuals in low-light environments so if there are intruders trying to get into your home, or if you have children that go out into the yard after dark, you don’t have to worry about missing them.

If you are concerned about an intruder trying to damage your security camera, then you don’t need to worry about that with the Nest Outdoor Security Camera. It is weatherproof, so it will not be damaged during the Northeast’s harsh winters.

Nest Home Security Equipment

Nest claims that it is one of the best smart security system because it is reliable, easy-to-use and mobile. It is ideal for users without the need for professional installation. It has over 14 sensors for keeping your home safe. Notable sensors include cameras, door locks and door plugs for being able to monitor your home anytime in the driveway.

Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide sensor can monitor your homes safety using its dual sensors. When it senses danger, the unit will inform you and send you a signal. You can also adjust its sensitivity.

One of its other advanced features is its Nest Sense. With this feature, you can use your smart phone. It can then detect if any doors or windows are opened or closed using its motion sensors. The system also has a potential intruder alert.

Another security device is Nest Cam; it is an indoor home security camera. This camera has a 94-degree wide angle lens that can take in a large area. The camera has night vision capabilities for 24/7 surveillance. It can also be connected to the other Nest products in your home for better security.

Nest Cam Outdoor is the outdoor version of the Nest Cam. It has night vision capabilities and its microphone is also adjustable. With its live-stream capabilities, the Nest Cam Outdoor is very popular among customers of security systems.

Outdoor Security Camera System Methodology

In this list, we took into consideration, quality, cost effectiveness, and pricing. In addition, we also went into the aspects of functionality, integration, and build quality when creating the outdoor security system that we see now. We took some of the most reliable and high-quality pieces of equipment and put them together into a well thought out security package. We believe that the package we put together will enable you to guard your home, family, and property with ease and efficiency.

We have selected what we believe to be the top three outdoor security camera systems for 2022. They are listed in order from least most to most expensive.

FAQs About Outdoor Security Systems

These days, it’s not unusual for people to invest heavily in their own security systems. Because burglaries, vandalism, theft, and other criminal acts are so common, it can seem like a wise decision to at least invest in a quality security system.

In fact, research has shown that a majority of burglars use an entrance that has been unlocked. Because the people living in the home are so sure they have a great security system in place, the burglars feel very comfortable gaining access to their property through an entrance that’s unlocked. So, what some people don’t realize is that investing in an adequate security system isn’t just to keep criminals out, but it’s also a great way to protect families and valuables against theft and burglary. So, when you’re making it a priority to have a home security alarm system installed on your property, you’re protecting your property and your family.