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Best Self Monitored Home Security Systems of 2022 with No Monthly Fees

A self-monitored home security system is probably the most recommended type of security system by security companies and the clients served by these companies. This type of system may include a digital camera for monitoring entry points around the home, an alarm siren for triggering when an intrusion has occurred, or other sensing devices for alerting you when an intrusion has occurred, smoke or fire may have been detected, or your home may have been broken into, for example.

The fact of the matter is that intrusion and other zone alarms can be set-off by someone who is not a stranger to you, unless you have made the arrangements with other household members (by giving them a pre-set signal, for example) that your home is to be left alone.

We will look at the most secure and reliable systems that you can set-up yourself without help from a security company, so if you have not alerted neighbors, family members, or friends that your home is alarmed, you have no need for monthly fees to monitor the system.

A Detailed List of the Best No Fee Home Security Systems

Do a quick Google search for “home security systems” and you will pull up hundreds, if not thousands, of security system providers. Most people seem to think that home security systems require a monthly monitoring fee. Nothing can be farther from the truth. In this post, I’m going to show you that there are a variety of home security systems that have no monitoring fee.

The first type of home security system that I’d like to talk about is the self-monitored home security system. These systems actually have monthly fees, although these often very affordable, but they are well worth it when you consider the peace of mind they give you.

The way that a self-monitored security system works is that the system has a base-unit or control panel. This is where you plug in all of your sensors (motion, flood, smoke, glass break, CO, etc) and then plug in your telephone line. It is on this unit that you set your alarm system to either the off position or the alarm position.

SimpliSafe – Best DIY Install

SimpliSafe is a do-it-yourself home security system that only requires you to pull out your home network cord and plug in their equipment. Their pre-set equipment/system offers the basics, but it's easy to customize equipment/system as you see fit. Their contract-free service has no cancellation fees or early termination, meaning you can try the system and if you choose to cancel at any time you're free to do so.

SimpliSafe has simple, easy to follow instructions, so it's easy for those without prior home security experience to get it up and running. Additionally, it offers a wide range of surveillance options including cameras, cameras that are HD-cameras and motion activated cameras, as well as wireless keypad controls.

In addition to mobile control, alarm notifications, and mobile alerts, it can call 911 even if the internet is down. It can provide 24/7 home and email or text alerts.

Abode – Best No Contract Home Security System

Abode is an all-in-one solution for home security. The devices are easy to install and use. There are no contracts – you only pay for the equipment and monitoring services. You’re not locked in to a plan you don’t like. If you decide you want to switch to another company, just take your devices with you. You can install the system yourself or have it professionally installed.

The Abode system is a user-friendly wireless home security system. Abode offers its products through an online storefront. You can purchase the devices outright or get the starter kit and add devices as needed. You can even choose the level of monitoring service you want. SimpliSafe is another solid option for wireless home security.

Abode is a safe and straightforward wireless home security system. It has a solid customer base that has been growing over time. You can install the product yourself or rely on a professional installer. The equipment is easy to use. The starter kit is priced competitively with other options. You can implement a DIY security solution for your home. The system supports a broad range of automation and control products. You can access the system from your smartphone or PC. The third option for home security is Nest Secure.

Ring Alarm – Best Doorbell Cameras

Ring is a smart home security system that adds on to a traditional doorbell camera system. It includes DIY installation, no monthly fee, and an optional professional monitoring plan. The Ring has HD quality audio and video, and is compatible with Alexa, a virtual assistant, allowing you to arm, monitor, or dismiss an alarm using voice commands.

It has motion sensors and contact sensors, which all come with dedicated apps. The app also includes the ability to play back recorded video. The Ring system is completely wireless and made of a combination of metal and plastic.

The batteries for the motion sensors, which are built into the devices, will last at least a year. The doorbell camera is required to use the service, but if you already have one it is compatible and adds on to the service.


No installation fee, and the DIY installation is easy.

Includes contact and motion sensors, as well as a doorbell camera.

Video quality is HD and audio is two-way.

Users report easy installation and manageable range.

Multi-purpose, working with other smart home devices and having voice command functionality.


Surveillance plan is optional and not inexpensive.

Sketchy, limited app reviews.

Low quality image reported in some instances.

App issues reported fairly frequently.

Overall Thoughts:

Arlo – Best Outdoor Security Cameras

Arlo Pro is a complete home security solution with two cameras (one base station and one Arlo camera), a subscription that lets you watch your cameras live or from recordings (7-days free), and powerful simple app that lets you see everything from your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Arlo Pro is both a wireless camera and a security camera. The base station has a battery back-up (but it’s optional) and it’s waterproof and weatherproof so it does well indoors and outdoors. Arlo Pro includes an optional mount or bracket so you can put the camera anywhere you like. It’s also possible to mount the base station in a window for indoor viewing.

Since the camera is wireless, you can position the camera using your smartphone and it’s going to help you achieve both wireless security and home security.

The battery in the base station can last for up to six months depending on how much you use the camera and other settings. You can also mount the base over a wired Ethernet connection, so you don’t need to worry about positioning the camera in a location that has access to both power and a wireless connection.

Arlo Pro is weatherproof, but it’s not 100% waterproof so keep it away from heavy rain and flood for good.

Nest Secure – Best Indoor Security Cameras

Nest Secure is a professional system that is built for the Nest Cam Indoor. This means that it gives you remote access to your Smart Security Cameras right within your Nest app! The Nest Secure system creates a 24/7/365 monitoring center that provides security anytime and anywhere.

Adding Nest Cams Indoor to the Nest Secure home security system gives you a more effective way to protect your home from burglars. The cameras have a motion-detection feature, so if there is no movement, they will turn off to save sufficient battery. This prevents you from having to worry about your security system running out of power and missing out on possible intrusions. This feature essentially combines your cameras and security system into one, keeping everything as efficient as possible.

Nest Secure provides you with the features you need, including: 24/7 professional monitoring, residential and commercial monitoring plans, night vision, Nest Aware, and so much more. The Nest Secure Home Security is one of the best home security systems on the market. If you are looking for a professional system, whether at home or in a commercial area, this should be on your list to take a look at.

More About Self Monitored Home Security

There are a number of companies that offer alarm monitoring without home security monitoring fees. This usually isn’t the most secure choice for your home because it severely limits the response time. For example with ADT, if you choose to use a self monitored home security system, your call to the central station will take several minutes to be answered. This is acceptable for some people. For an elderly person with a medical emergency, the response time could make the difference between life and death. For a fleeing criminal, it could mean from getting caught or not.

Here is the bottom line … you need to decide if the trade -off of a lower price is worth the trade-off to wait the extra minutes for help to arrive. Also, if someone was really looking to harm you, maybe a few minutes wouldn’t stop them anyway. Especially if that is all that stands between you and your family and an intruder gaining control.

Overall, we think that it’s a bad trade off because of the limited number of companies that offer this service, and even fewer that offer it for a good price. We recommend that you spend a few extra dollars per month for the extra features and the added security of a professionally monitored home security system.

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To Avoid a Credit Check

Do you have a poor credit history but still want a home security system? If so, then you'll want to consider a no- credit- check security system. These systems typically offer similar services as other security system companies, but they remove the requirement for a credit check.

Why do companies require credit checks? Basic credit history checks use the personal credit report to provide visibility and depth of credit history, including current payments and past delinquencies. In other words, a credit check provides a history of good and bad credit payments, enabling the security system company to financially assess a client's ability to pay monthly charges.

Companies that don't require a credit check look beyond the credit report, verifying a prospect's payment history, ability to pay, and financial standing. So if you need a home security system but want to avoid a credit check, look for security companies that don't require credit checks.

To Control Our Budget


We use SimpliSafe:

We Were On the Move

Have you been on the move and want to get a home security system that has no monthly fees? It is possible. I certainly needed to get an affordable wireless system when we were on the move for over a year.

I did my research and ended up purchasing the Defender Home Security System. For the price, it was the best purchase I ever made. We moved and I left some of the Defender sensors at our old home. I bought myself and my husband new set to use at our new home. My husband and I love this security system. It works great. There are easy buttons to use to activate the alarm. It is loud and with the sensors going off, even if a burglar did not hear the alarm, they would definitely see the big bright red light flashing. It works great!

My family and I love our Defender Security System. We recommend this system to anyone looking to have an affordable wireless home security system.

Methodology: How We Made Our Selections

We broke down the process of finding an effective yet inexpensive home surveillance system into three parts: home security systems, DIY home security systems and no monthly fee home security systems. Each type set its own set of rules with varying degrees of difficulty. With so many companies out there, there is no shortage of options. However, we only looked at companies that had a solid reputation and reviews on their web site. Along with ratings from the likes of Amazon and Google, we were able to get a pretty good feel for what systems were worth investing in.

We started our search looking for home security systems that were a permanent fixture in a home. We started with companies that offer comprehensive plans, installation and monitoring services. From there, we eliminated those companies that had hidden costs or were unreliable. If a company has been in business for at least 25 years, they are likely doing something right.

If the whole idea of a home security system still seems daunting, do not fret. That is why we searched the Internet for the best DIY home security systems. Home security systems for dummies, maybe, but at least there are options out there, especially for those who are not that tech-savvy.


The top-rated security systems for the no monthly fee option are the SimpliSafe, SimpliCam, and Piper. The SimpliSafe was the most reliable, with a remote function and a one-year warranty, which we felt was the most valuable. On top of the one year warranty, SimpliSafe also offers a lifetime warranty, which means there is no home security service commitment. All of the security features will still be available. For these reasons, the SimpliSafe home security system won the best no monthly fee security system spot. The SimpliCam was the runner up, as it came with a traditional camera system and remote monitoring. It also came with night vision, and a two-week free trial of the live camera feed. The Piper came in at number three as it also included live cameras and security features. The Piper had a mobile app which we felt was very useful, and the home alarm had great communication capabilities. The Piper is also a WIFI enabled system, which is a big plus for people who are interested in using camera features. The only downside is that the Piper does not have live cameras, and the camera is not very high definition.

FAQs About No Monthly Fee Security Systems

There is a lot to consider when choosing a home security system. How do you want to arm and disarm your system? How do you contact emergency services and how long will they take to respond? Are their monitoring prices? Are there no monthly fee monitoring options? What about warranty information? Which system is best for you?

Here are a few questions we get asked about the no-monthly fee systems:

“Is it easy to set up?”

Most systems will come with an easy-to-follow informative guide and you might be able to call customer service if you get lost along the way. The set up process can be very easy and uncomplicated, however, if your system has a lot of smart home features, the set-up process might be a bit more complicated.

“Am I limited to the number of security points?”