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Best Dark Web Monitoring

Internet privacy is a great concern for many internet users. A lot of internet users fear being spied on or having their data intercepted. There are bad guys lurking in the corners, and people are trying to take advantage of others through identity theft and property theft, every day.

The internet is not a safe place. Even if you are careful, you will sooner or later find yourself being a victim. If this happens, you will probably have to spend several hours and a lot of money trying to figure things out. You will probably never know who stole your money or even care. Research shows that most people would rather be secure than have their freedom. This applies to their online activities as well as physical security. Luckily there is a good level of protection, you just have to know where to look.

Several Dark Web monitoring companies are there to help you with identity theft protection and other forms of cybercrime. They have ways to detect threats, and you can use tools that help you manage your online identity better.

Identity Guard – Best Dark Web Monitoring Overall

If your aging parents are more vulnerable to identity theft than others in their age group, there may be a good reason for it … they may have had previous instances. Did you know that nearly 1/3rd of seniors have been victims? And if you are a parent of an infant, you probably don’t want to take the chance of such an unfortunate happening happening to you.

Even seniors need to be protected from identity theft. If seniors are not adequately protected on the Dark Web, all their personal details and financial information can be stolen and used to take further actions such as straight-up fraud. It becomes more difficult as the client ages.

This is where Identity Guard comes in to help those who have a greater risk of being targeted. It provides a personal, customized profile that gets at the source of potential identity theft. Once the client receives a warning, it becomes much easier for them to take steps to avoid any unfortunate incidents to happen to them.

More specifically, this option offers a comprehensive identity protection plan that covers identity theft threats and can help the client in financial recovery in case of an incident. This option is also the only one that monitors the Dark Web for emerging threats that could affect the client.

Identity Guard provides an identity protection plan that includes identity theft identity protection products to monitor threats and financial recovery services. The identity theft insurance covers the client in case of identity theft.

About IBM Watson

IBM’s artificial intelligence Watson will now monitor deep or dark web content for threatening or compromised information. It’s part of the wide-ranging service IBM is providing in the fight against identity theft. Each year, 3.3 billion records are reported as part of identity theft incidents and losses, so stopping this massive problem is a big task for IBM.

IBM’s new system is called the Cognitive CyberSecurity Threat Repository. The Customer Due Diligence system is part of the Repository and it’s designed to help companies understand the risk of doing business with other businesses. If a company is low-scoring for security or reputation, they can be flagged in the Repository as an area of concern for companies considering doing business with them. IBM hopes this open transparency will help all companies identify poor security practices and do something about them.

The new Dark Web Monitoring capability shows the tremendous types of data IBM’s system has access to. In addition to analyzing public websites, the system is now able to analyze deep web content, analyzing millions of pages every second.

This comprehensive approach allows IBM to identify potential trouble before it happens. Stay safe by turning to IBM’s Advanced Dark Web Monitoring capability to monitor your data, 24/7.

Identity Guard Prices

List of Identity Guard Features

Online Safe: Your credit reports are kept up to date with the latest information.

Your credit reports are kept up to date with the latest information. Credit Alerts: Has the opportunity to receive free identity theft alerts that could help prevent potential identity thefts.

Has the opportunity to receive free identity theft alerts that could help prevent potential identity thefts. Online Safe: Covers all household devices against the threat of online threats and cybercrimes.

Covers all household devices against the threat of online threats and cybercrimes. Scanning: CreditGuard’s free scanning program helps protect against the threat of stolen financial info.. Credit monitoring alone does not provide the best identity theft protection.

Credit monitoring alone does not provide the best identity theft protection. Credit Alerts: 5 credit reports are monitored for Identity Guard members every 90 days, giving members the opportunity to stay ahead of the threats and protect themselves from identity theft.

5 credit reports are monitored for Identity Guard members every 90 days, giving members the opportunity to stay ahead of the threats and protect themselves from identity theft. Identity Theft Insurance: Identity theft insurance is available to all members.

Identity theft insurance is available to all members. Cloud-Desk: Access to a secure, web-based portal, with your personal account information.

LifeLock – Best Dark Web Alerts


When you’re thinking about identity theft, you further validate your concerns by visiting the dark web.

And many people visiting the dark web (not you) are up to no good activity.

So the main question is:

  • What can you do to know if anyone is threatening you?
  • Or if your personal information is being stolen on the dark web?

Law enforcement can only do so much. While creating these plans on the dark web may technically be illegal, it’s more complicated to prosecute these schemes than you may imagine.

So now, you are the guardian of your own personal information and you need to be on high alert.

How can you know ? You can’t know if your information is being stolen, unless you are actively monitoring anything that could be a threat.

And, most of the time, you can’t even tell when people use your information to create one of these plans for your destruction.

Dark Web Monitoring can help you.

Any kind of monitoring requires a trustworthy and reliable company.


LifeLock offers great Dark Web Monitoring.

And they’ve recently made a huge step in becoming the best identity theft protection service with the introduction of Dark Web Monitoring.


List of LifeLock Ultimate Plus Features

  • ·Guides you through the most secure identity protection lifecycle
  • ·Enable you to edit your own profile anytime you want
  • ·Provide regular reports of your credit score
  • ·Help you take control of your credit
  • ·Protect you in the event you lose your phone or fall victim to identity theft
  • ·Provides a way for you to find out how likely it is for web sites to be secure and encrypts all your activities
  • ·Shows you the type of messages you receive from known scams, so you can avoid them

IdentityForce – Most Comprehensive Dark Web Monitoring

IdentityForce is the only identity protection solution that provides you with 24/7 protection for life. They search the deep web daily to protect consumers from risks such as:

  • Scams
  • Credit reports
  • Bank accounts
  • Car loans
  • Tax returns
  • Internet accounts
  • Reports
  • Matches
  • Judgments
  • Other searches as defined by the customer

IdentityForce was the first company ever to offer dark web monitoring on a daily basis. By searching the deep web daily, IdentityForce keeps you up to date on any changes to your information. IdentityForce searches the deep web several times a day, every day, including holidays, through search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

Searching the dark web is only one of the many ways IdentityForce protects your identity electronically. IdentityForce has partnered with multiple data monitoring companies. This allows them to access information from an extensive list of databases that help IdentityForce protect you against scams, fraud, theft, and any kind of identity theft. When you sign up for a lifetime membership with IdentityForce you get the following benefits:

  • Access to the deep web
  • Access to all government records

Online Protection with IdentityForce

IdentityForce offers dark web monitoring to help you protect yourself from identity theft by letting you know if your information has appeared on the dark web. Protecting your identity is a primary concern for anyone whose personal information is available for sale on the dark web. With IdentityForce, you are empowered to make changes to your information and prevent the misuse of your identity

ID Watchdog – Best Value Dark Web Monitoring

We have reviewed several dark web monitoring and identity theft protection services and ID Watchdog is the best. It was the first service we reviewed that received our highest recommendation. We also like it because of the fact that it has easy to use features, Privacy is becoming a bigger issue than ever and ID Watchdog does an awesome job at keeping your identity safe and secure.

Why is dark web monitoring important? With the rise of the Dark Web, identity theft has become a more serious issue than it ever was. With more and more dark web activity, how do you know that your information is safe? I highly recommend using a monitoring service that monitors Deep Web websites. Not only will they monitor your information on the Deep Web but they will also monitor all of the deep web imagery that is leading to your identity as well.

What exactly is the Dark Web?

ID Watchdog Prices

  • Do They Offer a Money Back Guarantee?
  • ID Watchdog has a no questions asked money back guarantee. People can get their money back if they are not satisfied with their product. They do not offer a free trial and most of their products are in monthly plans. They are also a bit cheaper than other companies.
  • How is their Live Chat?
  • ID Watchdog’s phone support is 24 hours per day, and the representatives are there to help their customers with anything. If a consumer has a question or a problem they can contact them through this service. They have a no question asked money back guarantee and their representatives also offer a free personal consultation and a review of their security.
  • How’s their Response Time?
  • The time it takes for ID Watchdog to respond to a customers… issue depends on how busy they are and it can also depend on what the issue is. It could take ID Watchdog a couple of hours to respond, but usually they are very responsive. Their representatives always make sure to solve their customer’s issues.

List of ID Watchdog Platinum Features

The ID Watchdog Platinum website gives you the three months Ultimate Unlimited Package for free. With this promotion, you can include an extra family member on the monitoring, without paying any additional fees. ID Watchdog will check out the history of the website you enter and will inform you if there are any reports made about it. If the reports are positive, there is no problem, however if there is any red sign, you will be notified by the Watchdog Platinum system. Alternatively, if you want to test the service before singing up, ID Watchdog Platinum gives you a one-month free trial.

The ID Watchdog Platinum software consists of a protective panel which resides in your taskbar. Whenever the system detects any malicious activity, the panel will notify you. The Platinum comes with a state-of-the-art firewall which monitors your system to detect the presence of any suspicious activity by applications, browser modules or new software installations. Besides the firewall, the Platinum also offers a complete protection against spam and threats in emails. The ID Watchdog Platinum with Dark Web Monitoring is significantly better than the normal Watchdog, because of these two features. Dark Web Monitoring allows ID Watchdog Platinum users to check what's going on behind the black curtain of the Internet, while the firewall protects your system from any suspicious outside activity.

Experian – Best Dark Web Scan

In my opinion, Experian is the best Identity Theft Protection Company. In addition to an overall excellent reputation and full reports for all three bureaus, Experian provides “keyword alerts” that let you monitor your name across the dark web, which may help you detect fraud before it leads to major identity theft.

Experian’s dark web keyword site is called LifeLock Identity Theft Alert. It’s very affordable and has the ability to send you email alerts as soon as someone is searching your name on the dark web. Frequently, fraudsters will use your name when trying to commit identity theft.

Experian’s extensive reports may also help you identify ID theft attempts before they cause major damage. The all-in-one ID Verification products give you the confidence that your identity is being protected from a full range of threats. Combined, these features help you reduce the risk of identity theft.

Experian’s Best Identity Protection is not a scam, it is well worth it. That’s because Experian is an all around trustworthy and safe company. They have a pretty good name in the internet security space, and they don’t charge outrageous fees.

List of Experian IdentityWorks Premium Features

Review of ID Theft Protection with Dark Web Monitoring

Identity theft protection with dark web monitoring indicates that the company provides services to help identify and mitigate identity theft arising from the black market. Monitoring of several sources, including the dark web, are essential to be able to identify stolen account information that is being traded in one of the most common black markets in the world, the dark web.

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark web monitoring detects stolen personally identifiable information (PII) being posted for sale on underground illegal websites on the dark web. Sometimes referred to as the "hidden web" or darknet, the dark web is inaccessible to standard web browsers and is used by hackers, cybercriminals, and other individuals interested in engaging in illegal activities.

All dark web activity and sites are hosted using anonymizer tools to make their real location untraceable. As no single person or agency controls the dark web, all dark web monitoring tools monitor large numbers of sites all at once (known as widescanning) to identify suspicious content as it becomes available.

Dark web monitoring monitors activity in several forums and discussion sites on the dark web to monitor for: