Best Home Security Systems for the Elderly in 2022

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Best Home Security Systems for the Elderly

Call a locksmith if you have forgotten where you've placed your keys, or if you can't work your key in the lock anymore.

There are several different types of timers. Choose one that has keys for the various locks and circuits that you use, and set the time you want it to go off. This means that you aren't relying on the timer to tell you when the milk has gone bad. It also means that you will be notified when it's time to turn off the lights or when a door that you have left open has been in that position for too long. Many timers have a switch to tell you what the current time is, so you'll always know what time it is.

Another option is to ask a security firm to install you a home alarm system. The cost of this installation, plus the monthly monitoring, can cost you a couple of hundred dollars a month. But, having an alarm system will give you peace of mind for every room in your house. This is because, with an alarm system, not only can you see the inside of your home, but other people can watch your home from their computers. Additionally, a monitoring station will send a signal to local authorities if the alarm is set off. A social worker may be called to check in on you.

SimpliSafe – Best Senior Home Security Overall

SimpliSafe offers a classic home automation system that delivers house monitoring and 24/7 protection. It’s an affordable security system designed to work for you whether you’re a senior or a millennial!

The best way to secure your home is to arm with knowledge. When you arm your house with SimpliSafe sensors, you’ll receive an instant alert and can call the emergency response center whenever any unexpected motion is detected. SimpliSafe is the only system that gives you automatic cell backup, so you’re always protected. A single touch will instantly notify the authorities of an emergency at your home and the SimpliSafe team will stay with you until help arrives.

SimpliSafe Prices and Overview

The SimpliSafe Home Security System is one of the more affordable DIY alarm systems on the market. It is available in a professional package or a basic package. Both come complete with the necessary sensors, keypad, back-up battery, and professional monitoring. You'll also need to purchase a landline connection because the SimpliSafe will not work over an existing phone line.

How It Works

Setting up the system is quite easy. You'll be guided by the voice walkthrough to create your passcode. From there you'll choose your alarm location. The system will be installed in your chosen location by the monitoring service. The unit connects to a monitoring station via the Internet. The communication system is in the cloud, which means you will have access to your alarm system via the web. Regardless of where you are, you will be able to access the SimpliSafe system from any web enabled device.

The SimpliSafe wireless mechanisms are also completely wireless. There are no hoses or cables to deal with. The sensors on the alarm connect to the keypad using long-range radio signals. The monitoring service sends the signals to the Internet. Because the SimpliSafe system is wireless and does not use a traditional telephone line, it is completely mobile. Even home phone lines can't be used if the Internet goes down because of a natural disaster. The monitoring aspect will not work without Internet connectivity either.

Setup and Operation

Every system differs slightly. A pre-recorded message will call your loved ones and warn them that their home is being entered. You can add customized greetings in your own voice and address. The control panel will flash with different colors to indicate the status of the system. If a wireless sensor is tripped, then it will send a wireless alert with a pin code to your smartphone.

Another feature of this system is Smoke alarms. When an emergency occurs inside your home, it will be detected by the smoke detectors and they will start sounding a high pitch beeping. Your system will send you a text message and you will then be able to view a live video feed of their room in real-time. It has a two-way intercom, so you can give the intruder instructions from your iPhone or iPad. It has a downloadable remote viewing app and audio/video recording features.

This device will send you notifications through an app on your phone if someone is trying to break in. You can control the alarm system, disarm, and control it with your phone. If someone is trying to break in, then it will sound an alarm and notify the police. If someone is trying to unlock your door, then it will sound an alarm and notify the police. You can arm or disarm the system with your phone. It has a backup battery that will allow you to use the system during an outage. The battery is rechargeable and uses a standard USB power supply.

SimpliSafe Equipment Examples

  • Entry Sensor: This sensor is intended to detect entry and exit to and from your house. It connects magnetically to your door or window frame. The SimpliSafe system allows you to put it on a window on the inside to protect against intruders coming in through a window
  • Motion Detector: The motion sensor is meant to detect movement around your house. Place this device strategically around your house to detect movement around sensors that are set to detect motion.
  • Keypad: This keypad is used to enter a numerical code to gain access to your house. It works as a back-up entry option if you do not have your phone handy to get in the house.
  • Keychain Remote: The keychain remote is an easy way to open your door without having to worry about misplacing your smartphone or intimidating security guard.
  • Smoke Detector: The SimpliSafe smoke detector is an easy way for you to keep check on your home from afar throughout the day. It works just like a normal smoke detector; the only difference is that it will not alert the authorities. It will alert you instead through a loud, pulsing beep.
  • Video Camera: The video camera is for peace of mind. This camera can be used to keep an eye on your house if you for a vacation or away at work. This device is the highest quality video camera that SimpliSafe has to offer.

Abode – Best No Contract Security for the Elderly

But needs Internet.

The Abode is an all-in-one, wireless security system that’s packed with lots of features to keep you and your family safe at home. It can be turned on and used without a contract. It offers live visibility with your smartphone, tablet, or PC. You can create temporary access codes to let specific people into your home. The cameras can be used to record or live stream to your devices when you’re away and it’s a great way to check on the house.

The alarm offers a couple different modes, including the Stay mode. The Stay mode is ideal for the elderly because it allows sensors to monitor the area while the system is off. When an alarm is triggered, the sensors will trigger the alarm. The Abode can be customized with included sensors and a variety of accessories including a siren, light strip, and key chain remote.

The drawback to the Abode system is that it requires an Internet connection. If you have no access to the Internet, this system won’t be much help.

Abode Prices and Overview

Abode is a low cost self-monitored home security system with a simple app and many useful features. The self-install system includes a hub and two door/window sensors. It is a well reviewed system with a very neutral and clean aesthetic. The system requires no professional help because it is self-monitored and includes a mobile app that can be used by anyone for management and monitoring.

The hub has a built-in siren which is easy to set off for emergencies and is loud enough to scare off any potential intruders. The sensors alert you to movement in various areas of the home and set off the alarm in certain circumstances. The system can be configured to notify you if your door or window opens and to trigger if a window sensor is tripped or if a door sensor is opened.

Abode utilizes it’s own smart home platform for alerts and uses Z-Wave technology to connect with various devices in the home. You can link up lights, locks, cameras, etc. with Abode and they can be triggered based on events. For instance, Abode will send an alert when a door opens if you have a door sensor on the outside and it has been linked to your lights. Another example is the ability to turn on a light or a camera when the alarm is triggered.

Abode Security Equipment

Abode is a whole-home security system with no complicated contracts or monthly fees. With an optional professional monitoring plan, it combines professional monitoring, burglary protection and home automation in a single system.

The Smoke/CO alarm is a wireless smoke alarm that features a powerful lithium battery that lasts for 10 years. The alarm is equipped with all the technology to Let You Know, including Nest smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, as well as Z-Wave. Once monitored, the Abode system will send instant alerts to your mobile device whenever there is smoke or carbon monoxide detected.

The motion detector included with the kit can on for up to two years before battery replacement. It is a battery-powered PIR sensor that can detect motion from as far as 30 feet. It also features the ability to detect bidirectional motion, which is able to detect motion both inside the house and outside.

The dual-technology siren can produce super-loud 128 decibels (dB) to deter intruders, family members or pets when an alarm is triggered. With zone control, one siren can be connected to one or multiple zones in the home.

Frontpoint – Best DIY Home Security for Seniors

If you are looking for a DIY home security system for seniors, you can find the best home security for seniors systems from Frontpoint. Senior citizens face special risks such as becoming isolated and susceptible to crime, and Frontpoint works to meet the needs of its senior citizen clientele.

Frontpoint is the best DIY home security for the elderly that uses a do-it-yourself platform for hassle-free home protection. When you sign up for a Frontpoint system, you'll receive a wireless security system, a monitoring unit, and a cellular communicator to connect your system to your cellular network and keep you in constant communication.

You'll be able to stay connected to your home security system even when you're away from home. You can engage and disengage your system, check to see if your doors and windows are open or closed, view live video feeds and recorded footage, and trigger alerts when you need the help of the authorities. You will have access to emergency response teams available 24/7.

Frontpoint offers many value packages to fit your needs; you can choose sensors and features that you need for your home and stay fixed on your budget. Frontpoint also offers easy installation and monitoring for its security systems. You will only pay for the equipment costs, there are no monthly fees. When you sign up for Frontpoint, you can save up to 25% and get special money-saving offers.

Frontpoint Security Equipment

While it might not be the easiest to use, it is still our top choice for the best home security system for the elderly in 2022.

Why? Because it offers technology that allows you to monitor your home from a mobile device or from a computer without having to invest in additional equipment. You also have the option to have a 24/7 professional monitoring service that will respond to an emergency for you. The system is expandable, so it will work with you as your home or needs change.

The Frontpoint review team gives this product four out of five stars as we wish it had a hardwired option as an alternative to needing a cellular connection.

Frontpoint Prices

Reviews, and Features.

Frontpoint has some pretty interesting features that help differentiate it from the pack. Not only do they have 24/7 live people monitoring your system, but they can take action for you.

If a fire breaks out, Frontpoint will see a drop in smoke in that area, and they will call the emergency number and tell them what is happening. Frontpoint does not record calls, but any verbiage can be played back.

If a window or door is opened, they will see it on the camera and call the alarm. The thing I like about this feature is that I know that if anyone comes into my house that I am not home, someone will know about it. I use this feature combined with the camera in the doorbell to have a security system that knows when people are in my house even if I am not home. That is pretty awesome.

We have also having a problem with packages being stolen off the porch. I have the cameras kind of focused on the package area, and even though the thief was wearing a hoodie and his face was covered, I know that Frontpoint will automatically take a picture of this person from the camera and send it to me as soon as he leaves. It’s a great peace of mind to know that he is getting that picture.

Frontpoint has two main packages (Classic and Elite) and they have various upgrade options.

Ring Alarm – Easiest to Use Senior Home Security

There are a few good home security options for older folks, but the easiest to use home security system for the elderly or for people with physical or mental challenges is Ring Alarm. While expensive, it does include a free motion-activated camera that allows the elderly to see if they need assistance.

This is a smart, solid system that doesn’t require lots of technical finesse or smart phone use. It only requires a phone and/or a computer to set it up or check on it.

Since the system includes Ring Alarm doorbells and motion-activated cameras, you’ll know if someone is trying to break into a door or a window. You’ll also be able to check in on the elderly when there is a medical emergency or if they fall. The ability to view and speak to the elderly from a remote location is convenient whether you’re at work or out of town. It can also help eliminate false alarms due to sleeping or other inadvertent actions.

Ring Monitoring Prices

Ring Alarm Security Equipment

Ring Alarm Security Equipment consists of 3 different components — a Base Station, keypads, and a variety of motion and door/window sensors that can be utilized in any configuration that is desired and deemed to be most appropriate.

The Base Station has a backup battery and is equipped with tamper alerts and tamper detection features, wi-fi connectivity, and a cellular connection. It syncs with the other equipment using encrypted radio-frequency signals.

The security system offers a wide range of motion and door/window sensors that also include Z-Wave compatibility as well as a Z-Wave compatible wall switch that serves as the system’s main entryway for home automation. The system may be used in conjunction with IFTTT to provide an added layer of customized features and benefits. These features are typically based on user interaction and engagement, including geolocation capabilities.

The best home security systems for the elderly offer a simple setup process and a monthly service log that is easy to monitor and read. Ring Alarm Security Equipment is a DIY self-monitoring solution that is armed with features that are convenient and fully customizable.

Nest Secure – Best Senior Security with Optional Monitoring

What We Like:

  • Easy app interface, but not cool or “hip”
  • Tabs and buttons are big enough for old people to press
  • Works with Nest Cams
  • Passive infrared sensing system detects motion and security breaches
  • Nest Secure includes Nest Detect in addition to the other sensors and alerting equipment
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

What We Don’t Like:

  • Mobile app is compatible with iOS only
  • Nest cameras are only compatible with Nest Secure and not with other Nest products such as the Element or the Learning Thermostat
  • The app is not as nice looking as more popular home security providers

Nest Secure Equipment