Best Home Security Systems for Renters

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Best Home Security Systems for Renters

For years, renters were limited to a very modest level of home security. They were limited to basic locks and alarms which did little to deter would-be burglars. And, when these rudimentary alarms did go off, they did very little to mobilize the police.

What renters did not have, however, was the option of an affordable and convenient wireless home alarm system. One that was professionally monitored 24/7. The best home security systems for renters now give you the opportunity to have the most sophisticated and comprehensive home security system in the entire industry.

What if I told you that with just one simple installation, you could have a system that monitored every entry point into your home, every perimeter, and every interior room. What is even better, this very same system can handle lightning quick interior and exterior alarm notifications. A system that is remotely accessible, and every bit as sophisticated as the system that protects the White House. Such a system was once the sole domain of the homeowner. But, now, all you need is a renter's lease.

SimpliSafe – Best Home Security for Renters

So you’ve decided to rent out your place. You’ve covered all the essential costs and rental insurance but there’s one thing you forgot: a security system. As a renter, you can’t install major home security systems like cameras and biometric access control. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

We’ve reviewed the four security providers that work best with rental properties. We’ve considered the costs, the ease-of-use, and the safety. These are the best and easiest security systems you can use while renting your home.

SimpliSafe offers entry-level security system packages that are affordable enough for anyone on a tight budget. With no contracts and no hidden fees, you can rest easy knowing you’re protected at an affordable price.

The steps you’ll take to secure your home are easy to follow. You can set up your system…

From your smartphone: remotely arm and disarm your system, add devices, and receive real-time, customizable alerts and notifications

Easily customize the sensitivity of your system using the simple web or mobile app.

SimpliSafe Equipment

SimpliSafe makes wireless security sensors and cameras using simple and efficient technology. The wireless cameras stand out as the best available today. SimpliSafe offers video surveillance of your home in as little as a few minutes, making it one of the easiest self-install security cameras to use in the industry.

Each camera has a clear image and is HD quality. The free SimpliCam app enables you to view the video through your smartphone. You can push notifications to your phone and even configure motion zones on your camera, so that only certain areas of your property trigger a notification.

In terms of the equipment, SimpliSafe doesn’t cut corners. Their equipment is durable and will stand up to the components of a harsh New England winter. The company also carries a wide range of sensors and sophisticated equipment such as carbon monoxide detectors, leak detectors, and smoke detectors. To complement their line of sensors, SimpliSafe also has a wide selection of smart locks such as a digital keypad lock, keypad deadbolt, and wireless entry keypad.

Frontpoint – Best DIY Install Security

Frontpoint Security is one of the top home security systems for renters. Frontpoint offers a DIY installation home security system that you can’t get from a traditional security provider. Frontpoint security can be installed in less than an hour with very little effort and no wiring.

It’s easy to set up system to use with your phone and all of the equipment is wireless so there are no wires to dig up in your yard or around your home. You can customize your system however you like with control over how your security system works.

Frontpoint has flexible budget plans that provide you with discounted rates on equipment so you can avoid the expensive installation fee. Their plans also cover you for a whopping thirty days of free professional monitoring. This is much more than any traditional security company provides free of charge.

Frontpoint’s customer service is excellent. They have won multiple awards for their helpful representatives. These representatives can be reached at any hour of the day or night.

Another great feature is that Frontpoint offers the most affordable equipment. Frontpoint equipment is sometimes as much as 75% off the retail price of a competitors equipment.

Frontpoint Security Equipment

Using a security system in your home when you live in a community or have a renter’s policy can be a good idea. Alarms for homes come in all shapes and sizes. Some stick on to your window or door frame and send a strong siren noise if someone breaks into the room. This is a bit old school, but the security office will still be notified of a break in and the cops may be dispatched to your neighborhood.

For renters, a more modern option is some kind of wireless security device. For example, the Frontpoint security system consists of a smartphone app, a security panel that’s mounted next to your window or door, and a series of sensors, usually motion, smoke and heat. The sensors talk to the panel, which in turn talks directly to you via the app.

The nice thing about the app is that you can arm the system via the app, so long as your phone is within range.

Abode – Best No Contract System

Abode, company motto “Home Security the Abode Way,” is an Israeli Software company that sells DIY home security systems. They have a relatively low monthly cost for their systems and offer a no contract term as well as a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied within the first 30 days. If you’re a renter, you’ll want to keep an eye out for this system. It’s one of the best that includes smart home components that require a compatible hub, and it comes with a built-in battery backup that lasts for at least ten hours. The hub also supports two-way voice-over-Z-Wave and Zigbee communication.

Abode Security Equipment

Abode employs a no-contract, no long-term agreement approach to the home security system. Abode’s "no contract" route to home security operates on a subscription basis, rather than the traditional up-front purchasing approach to home security systems.

Rather than committing to a large purchase right out the gate, Abode customers pay month-to-month, with no long-term contracts, no surprise charges or service disconnection, no cancellation fees, and no hidden fees. Abode prices their plans competitively with the major home security providers. And their equipment options are priced in the entry-level range.

No matter how long you stay with Abode, you never enter into a long-term contract. When you move out and cancel your service with Abode, you may keep the equipment, or you can return it. Conversely, if you move and want to continue using the smart security system that Abode offers, you can do so, without any penalties or fees.

Abode customers can add additional security accessories as needed, instead of paying extra for a hypothetical security usage scenario that might not fit their lifestyle. For instance, Abode is offering a new door/window sensor at 60-percent off the regular price. The discount on the Abode 2-in-1 Sensor is reflective of what Abode’s philosophy of not requiring a lengthy contract.

Brinks – Best Home Security for Apartments

Brinks offers home security systems for renters that are fairly easy to install, and they have unlimited monitoring, and very competitive pricing. They have both active and passive solutions for burglar and fire protection.

Ring Alarm – Best Alexa Compatibility

If you're a frequent reader of our blog, then you probably know that the Abode Home Security system was our top pick for best home security system. That said, we always try to offer our readers the best information possible. As such, we've decided to update the post and expand our selection to include the newest winner of our "Best for Alexa" category, the Ring Alarm.

The Abode is the best home security system for renters looking for an all-in-one solution that provides security cameras, smart home capabilities, and a traditional home security system for a low cost. The Ring Alarm is also an excellent option for renters because it comes with professional monitoring and home automation.

With that said, if you're looking for a more affordable, entry-level option, then the abode (or an abode bundle) may still be the best choice for you. If you're looking for a professional monitoring option for your home security system, however, then we would suggest the Ring.

A neat perk of the Ring Alarm is the exclusive Simultaneous Alerts feature. This allows you to receive alert messages via email, text, and the app while also receiving push notifications via the Ring app. This cuts down on the number of alerts you receive in comparison to other devices since you can simply take action on your preferred method.