The Best Home Security Systems for Pet-Owners

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The Best Security Systems for Pet Owners of 2022

Pet ownership is on the rise, according to a study conducted by the American Pet Products Association Last year, nearly 5.8 million pets entered U.S. shelters. Fortunately, nearly 1.4 million were adopted and three-quarters of that figure went home with owners who have never had pets before. The picture is improving for animals in our communities.

Now that you have a furry friend at home who needs protecting, it's time to get a pet alarm. You want your pet to have the best chance at making it out of danger. A pet-friendly alarm can notify you when your pet's going out. Put them on collision detection, and the siren will go off if your cat or dog runs into something around the house. A pet-friendly wireless alarm alerts you with red flashing lights around the perimeter of the base. The best ultrasonic dog whistle lets you know your dog just left the house. Trap the thief and scare them off with a loud outdoor dog bark alarm, or a pet-specific growl. If you want to keep your pets in range of your view with home video, there are systems equipped with cameras to keep tabs on them.

Overview of Our Top Picks

Pet owners face many of the same issues that non-pet owners do. One of the biggest being keeping your property safe and secure. Don’t worry, a smart home security system can take care of that for you.

If you are looking for a home security system, the task can feel daunting. There are just so many types and companies to choose from. There are literally hundreds of companies offering home security systems. If you define “security system” broadly the numbers become astronomical. The truth is that nearly all home security companies offer very similar services.

There are three main categories of home security systems. They are: video surveillance, access control, and home alarms. Within each of these categories there are a number of sub-categories.

Let’s look at a few options:

  • SimpliSafe Home Security. Some of the features of this system include: panic buttons, multiple sensors that are easy to install, home automation, and a free mobile app.
  • RadioIQ. This system includes a control panel that connects to all of your sensors, and it communicates with communicating with your smartphone.
  • SimpliCam. This system allows you to monitor your home, using a network of cameras.


The Sensor Company, Protects Homes and Plays With Pets.

ADT's The Sensor Company is specialized in pet safety. They created the PetSafe system, which is composed of an outdoor device and an indoor alarm. The outdoor device, which is an outdoor siren, is what lets you know whenever your pet is in danger. The indoor alarm is in place to give you peace of mind by alerting you in the event that your pet is in trouble, so you can take action. This is a great security system especially for pet owners.

You can find the PetSafe system in ADT integratable packages. Both the PetSafe Outdoor Motion Sensor Detector and PetSafe Indoor Audio Sensor are available separately, but the best option for pet owners is the PetSafe Portable Sensing Solutions Package.


Vivint Home Security has the best equipment to protect your home and your pets. The Cloud Cam feature can provide video recording of the different approaches to your home. It's weather resistant, meaning it will keep recording even if it is raining or snowing outside. With two-way audio, you can have it give a warning if your dog barks or if anyone is at the door.

The SkyControl panels also have a large round display screen, which makes it easy to read the current temperature of your home and to be able to adjust your thermostat settings. You can adjust the control panel settings from the palm of your hand, wherever you might be. It has a 24/7 professional monitoring team that will contact you, letting you know that your alarm has been improper activated.

You can have notifications sent to your phone when the system is activated to let you know instantly what's happening. It also comes with a lifetime electronic keypad, which means you don't have to worry about re-keying your home lock from the old system. Vivint has top of the line security alarms and equipment and is designed to protect the things that matter most to you.

Comparing The Best Security Systems for Pet Owners of 2022

Today’s smart home devices give pet owners peace of mind when being away from home. Once installed, these interactive home security systems turn your smartphone into a remote control for the gadgets you already own. They also allow you to use your voice and a home security camera to see and talk to anyone in your home…even your pets.

When Should You Have Pet Security? Experts recommend having pet security when your pets are at home alone. The truth is, burglars just don’t bother with stealing a pet from a home. While smart security can’t replace daily check-ins and interaction, it can help your pet feel more secure when you’re not at home.

How Do Interactive Security Systems Work for Pets?

Remote cameras allow you to see what your pets are doing by streaming real-time video straight from your smartphone. This means that you can see if they are becoming anxious or lonely when you are away from home. You can also interact with them using a voice-controlled security system and ask them if they need anything.

A Detailed Look At Why They Are The Best

Pet-owners, of course, have more than their fair share of risks. They are always at risk of facing burglary, or someone breaking into their home for someone to take their pet and sell it online or even worse, to kill it for profit. This is why pet owners need to maintain a high level of security around their homes. Security is achieved through a wireless home security system that you can purchase and install in your home.

Some of the best home security systems for pet-owners are the following:


The Petcube is the easiest pet security camera to set up and it starts right on your phone or tablet. It offers easy-to-use controls and convenience, enabling you to see your pet and even call them through your device. It even has a laser toy that you can control to play with your pet through your phone.

The Petcube comes in both a full-featured camera version and a camera plus toy version. The camera plus toy version is ideal for people who don’t always have a lot of time to spend on their pets or prefer a simpler model. The features of this product include:

  • Video calling
  • Motion Sensors
  • Cloud Recording
  • Night Vision
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Audio
  • Laser Toy
  • Motion Sensors

ADT— Most Secure Security System for Pet Owners

If you are a pet owner and looking for a top-notch home security system, ADT is the one for you. Here are some of the advantages that make ADT the best Pet friendly home security system around:

How Pet-Friendly Is ADT?

The American Registry for Internet Crime and Sustainability (ARI) awarded ADT the highest grade for its pet-friendly security system. From live guards, home automation systems, and 24/7 network monitoring, ADT delivers protection for your pet just as it does for your home. As pet owners ourselves, our company is committed to protecting not only your home but your pet as well. Not all home security systems are created equal, so be sure to consider that before making your decision.

When comparing home security systems, it’s important to understand that not all systems are created equal. If you are a current homeowner looking for home security you may want to check out our Home Protection offerings.

If you decide to go with ADT, you can be sure that your ADT-monitored security system will still guard your pet if there is a break-in. Although ADT does not provide pet protection as a part of your ADT monitored home security system, they do offer a limited selection of security devices that can help get your pet help in an emergency.

If you are currently using another home security company, remember to keep a close watch on the status of your company’s pet protection plans. Most companies have plans that are not set to last forever.

Why ADT Is The Most Secure

ADT, America’s largest security company, has a pet-friendly home security system. It’s easy to install, affordable, has 24/7 monitoring, and is simple to use. Plus, their security specialists are committed to keeping your home and your pets safe.

With ADT, you’ll have round-the-clock home security in your neighborhood. If an alarm is ever triggered, or if anything ever seems out of place, you can be sure a live person has taken notice and is responding within seconds. No need to try to learn how to stop a barking dog monitor your house with a webcam. With ADT, you can stop worrying about the safety of your pet and your home because you have someone you can trust protecting both.

ADT is also the only alarm company in the country that sits on the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC), the group that developed guidelines for security systems designed specifically for pets. That means with ADT, when you’re gone you can be sure your dog is safe, and when he’s home and acting like a nut, you can be sure alarm won’t go off.

Vivint— Best Smart Home Security System for Pet Owners

The Vivint Smart Home Security System is what I recommend for pet-owners. It is simple for beginners but also packed with robust features for the savvy pet-owner.

Vivint understands the specific security concerns that pet owners have. All Vivint Smart Home Package inhabitants get three months of free security monitoring with the package activation. This kind of monitoring helps resolve any potential issues before a risk of your pet getting out evolves.

Additional equipment like water sensors, smoke detectors, and glass break sensors can be added to your home security system to ensure that the pets’ safety is secured using Vivint.

The Vivint Home Security System can be tailored to fit your comfort level with three different tiers of alarms depending on your lifestyle. The Basic Tier, which is the lowest, includes motion sensors and 24/7 professional monitoring. It does not include smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, flood monitoring, and glass break sensors. For the pet-owner who is not ready for these additional sensors, the Basic Tier is a great option.

The next level is the Control Tier. With additional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, it is ideal for the pet owner. It also comes with 24/7 professional monitoring and can be expanded with cameras, glass break sensors, and flood monitoring.

How Pet-Friendly Is Vivint?

Vivint is one of the best home security companies for pet owners because they offer a wide variety of customizable security equipment to fit family needs. You can add indoor cameras and key fobs to allow you to watch your home remotely and activate devices with the push of a button.

If you have pets, you can add the PetSense feature to your security system, which includes motion-activated cameras to alert you of unexpected activity. Vivint also offers an indoor pet door, which replaces your standard sliding pet door and allows your pet to go in and out of the house as it pleases.

It’s important to make sure that your pet door has a secure lock to prevent your dog from getting outside whenever it pleases. Vivint offers a variety of pet doors that meet the needs of your home.

Why Vivint Is The Best Security System With Smart Home Features

If you love your pets, then you’ve probably asked yourself this question: how can I make sure my pets are safe at home when I’m away? This is an especially important question if you live alone but still want to be able to enjoy happy moments with your pets when you get home.

If you’re the type of pet-owner who loves to capture next-level pet moments, then we welcome you to join us in welcoming Pet-TV! We’re a pet channel that is both a part of the National Cable Satellite (NTS) lineup, as well as a BuzzTV YouTube collaboration channel. We provide a window for pet parents to watch their furry friends prance ant play in real time.

We also understand that there are those of you who may very well be pet-owners, but are so busy, that you are considering outsourcing some of the pet care. Giving your fur-babies a companion and/or hiring someone to watch human-only versions of your pets, is an option for pet parents who don’t have any time to take a break to care for themselves.

SimpliSafe— Best Pet-Friendly Security System for Renters

Nobody enjoys leaving their pets at home by themselves while they’re away, and the thought of burglars breaking into your home while you’re out is more than a bit unsettling.

SimpliSafe is an affordable and comprehensive system that has won over pet parents because it can be installed in new or existing homes, but also because it works with your pets.

A Good Option for Renters

This is a good home security system for renters or those who don’t want to make permanent alterations to their current residence. SimpliSafe products are wireless and can be placed anywhere there’s an outlet. This is particularly useful in apartment buildings, where landlords may not be the most comfortable with conventional home security systems.

The SimpliSafe home security system is battery powered, too, so it can keep your home protected even after a power outage. It’s a great choice for pet owners who might want to rent their next home.

Hassle-Free Installation

This home security system for renters gives you complete flexibility since it can be installed and up-and-running in a different home, if need be, or even moved from room to room, since you are not dependent on a landline to operate the system.

How Pet-Friendly Is SimpliSafe?

As we mention in our in-depth review, SimpliSafe might be the perfect home security system for pet-owners. Here’s the scoop:

User manual includes an entire section on pet-friendly home security systems. According to SimpliSafe, pets will not set off the system as long as they’re not too loud.

The alarm will sound if your pet triggers the infared beams, which will happen even if you’ve repositioned the motion sensors or added panels to make your home smaller.

Don’t have any pets? That’s OK. SimpliSafe works well for everyone. You get plenty of sensors and the ability to protect your home from break-ins and fire. That’s a great deal for pet-owning or pet-free.

SimpliSafe also offers pet-friendly protection for your vehicle. SimpliSafe has the 24/7 monitoring, cellular connectivity and customizable alerts you expect from a top-rated home security system, but SimpliSafe Security also monitors your car.

Why SimpliSafe Is The Best Pet-Friendly System for Renters

First and foremost, SimpliSafe doesn’t use any type of contracts or monthly payments. They simply want to make sure you’re happy once you've purchased your system so they offer a 30 day guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your SimpliSafe system, they’ll refund you 100 percent of the purchase price.

Secondly, SimpliSafe works with T-Mobile, so your sensors have their own T-Mobile cell phone chip embedded. This causes your sensors to communicate with the monitoring center directly. This eliminates all the frustrations that come with traditional security companies such as Verizon or AT&T citing reasons for signal blackouts and dropped calls.

The SimpliSafe system is equipped with an online control center where you can monitor your system and sensors at any time and from any place that has an Internet connection. You’ll also receive regular email and text notifications to alert you if there is suspicious activity or if your system has been triggered without your knowledge. Since system sensors are T-Mobile cellular enabled, you won’t need to pay monthly monitoring fees.

Frontpoint— Best Security System with Environmental Monitoring

Since pets are a part of the family, it’s important for a pet-owner to consider the safety and security of responsible members of the family. A home security system is the best protection for families with children and pets. Two of the most important features an effective pet/child-monitoring security system should have are environmental monitoring and Pet immunity.

A security system with Pet immunity is especially crucial for closed-in or large yards because it prevents your pet from setting off the system by crossing zone lines. Some security systems may have a limited range, and pets may travel beyond the range of the transmitter. Most security systems will alarm if the animal moves into a protected area, but your pet could be already in the protected zone before they set off the alarm. Pet immunity stops this from happening.

Environmental monitoring is also crucial if you have a stalker, vandal, or just someone who enjoys messing with your property. Environmental Monitoring will track break-ins with sensors that detect the opening and closing of your doors and windows. While pet immunity alerts you if your pet has gone out of the protected zone, environmental monitoring will alert you if someone should enter your home or tamper with any of your doors or windows.

How Pet-Friendly Is Frontpoint?

Frontpoint is an excellent choice for pet-lovers who want to protect their little ones!

Here’s how Frontpoint accommodates pets in their security system:

Customizable: Pet-sounds and pheromones can be customized with your five sensors. You also have the option of adding pet-sounds to any of your zones.

Pet-sounds and pheromones can be customized with your five sensors. You also have the option of adding pet-sounds to any of your zones. Pet-specific sensors: Motion-activated sensors will ignore friendly, active pet movement.

Motion-activated sensors will ignore friendly, active pet movement. Night-vision: Frontpoint cameras are equipped with a night-vision setting that will see your pet clearly.

Frontpoint cameras are equipped with a night-vision setting that will see your pet clearly. Remote Pet-Alert: There’s even an option to be alerted if someone is trying to sneak past your pet!

These home security systems for pet-owners may very well give you added peace-of-mind when it comes to keeping your pet’s safe.

Why Frontpoint Is The Best System With Environmental Monitoring

Frontpoint is one of the most popular home security systems and it has been around for a long time. Today, it is still one of the most popular home security systems available. Do you know why? Because it offers the best monitoring system, which is very important for pet owners. You need to know that your home and your pet(s) are safe, and you need to be sure that bad things will not happen. Another good thing is that this security system has a mobile app where you can view the status of the system, and it sends real-time notifications.

One of the best things about Frontpoint is that its mobile app works with all types of smartphones and tablets. Another good thing is that you can personalize the way you use the system. You can change and customize alerts, notifications, etc. so that you get exactly what you want.

Another good thing is that Frontpoint offers environmental monitoring. As you know, pets are like part of our family, and a lot of people like to get pets such as dogs and cats because they provide security in our homes.

Environmental monitoring is an optional feature in which you can get video and images from a camera that you can connect to your system. Usually, you can connect your device to the system with a cable, but the newest cameras work wireless and do not need a cable. Frontpoint also has a Nest Thermostat supported option.

Ring Alarm— Best Security System for On-the-Go Pet Owners

If you own a pet, keeping them close should be your top priority and the Ring Alarm Pet Friendly motion alarm can make that task easier to achieve. It can also help protect your pet from intruders who are also after Fido or Fluffy.

This system utilizes the same free app you can use to control other Ring systems. The only catch is that you won’t receive alerts on your phone if your pet is close to the motion detector. This is only meant to protect your pet if they are beyond the range of your Wi-Fi network or using the other Ring ecosystem sensors you may have.

Although you cannot receive your typical push notifications or alerts, you can still receive a sound notification or even the ability to communicate via Cloud-Audio’s microphone and speaker on the Ring Alarm hub.

The Ring Alarm Pet Friendly motion sensor is going to be your best bet for protecting your pet and keeping them safe from strangers. It protects your property, sends notifications of your pet’s movements, and allows you to communicate with your pet when you are away from home.

There are situations in which your pet may not need to wear a collar and with this motion sensor, you will receive pet alerts on your phone just the same. The nice thing about the motion detector is that your pet can wander in and out of your Wi-Fi range without the system sending off alerts.

How Pet-Friendly Is The Ring Alarm?

The Ring Alarm has a unique feature that allows it to detect motion inside and around the house. It is specially designed to protect you and your pets. The motion sensor can even detect motion underneath your bed.

You will be notified of motion-activated alerts on your phone. If you are home and something activates a sensor, you can click the link to see what tripped it. You can even turn off the system from your phone, so it’s more like a virtual guarddog. The Ring Alarm system doesn’t use pet-specific motion sensors, but if there is a threat it will notify you automatically.

Why Ring Alarm Is The Security System for Pet Owners With The Best Mobile App

As a pet-owner my first priority is the safety of my pets and family. Luckily, there are excellent pet-friendly security systems on the market that have been designed to not only make our lives safer, but to work around potential hazards to the animals within our home.

There are many wireless pet-friendly home-security systems on the market with more release all the time. But not all are designed with your furry friends in mind and you want to ensure you automate the installation with cameras that actually work.

Video Summary of the Best Security Systems for Pet Owners

Here's a video summary of the best home security systems for pet-owners:

If you just don't have the time to read now, but you still want to see more, then check out the video below. I’ve summarized the key points in the video (and below) so that you can save time. Hopefully, after watching the video and reading the summary, you’ll have the information you need to make an informed decision on which home security system is best for your pet-owning situation.

In the video above I cover the following:

  • The top reasons why you need to protect your pets (and in some cases, yourself) with a home security system
  • Some key differences in wireless monitoring and hardwired security systems
  • The upsides and downsides of each type of security system
  • What to consider when purchasing a security system
  • The overall best security systems for pet owners

Here's a brief summary of these items. For more specifics, watch the video above.

Advantages of a Security System

Consider the following logical reasons for having a home security system that monitors your pets:

Theft Alerts

Let's say you leave the house and your pet is still inside. A motion detector alarm will alert you via text or email that your pet has moved. If the pet starts barking, the alarm will trigger and alert you.

Methodology: How We Ranked The Best Security Systems for Pet Owners

Before you get a dog, you’ll need a dog: a security system. The thing is, there are so many different types of security systems, Internet home security providers, and national agencies, that it’s difficult to know who to trust. It can all be just a little overwhelming.


Here are some factors that we’ve taken into consideration when compiling this list of the best security systems for pet-owners:

  • The Equipment Required
  • What kinds of security equipment are needed and how much will these cost?
  • The Cost
  • How much will it cost to purchase and maintain the system?
  • The Protection Package
  • How safe will your pet be?
  • The Customer Service
  • Are you more likely to have an electronic system break down, or your pet harmed or escape? Does your new system offer 24-hour customer service for both?
  • The Support Team
  • Will you need assistance with a customer service call or technical problems?
  • Contract Details
  • Are there hidden fees? Are there any early termination penalties for signing a long-term contract?
  • Installation
  • Will the equipment be installed or will you have to do the work yourself?

The ease of the process.

The ease of the process.

Reliability and Customer Satisfaction Ratings.

FAQs About Pet Friendly Security Systems

When it comes to your home, you want to make sure you're not only protecting your family but your pets as well.

If you already own a home security system and are a pet-owner, you may want to consider getting a security system that's pet friendly. Below we've compiled some frequently asked questions related to pet friendly home security and the best home security systems for pet-owners.

Which home security companies accept pets? In general, most home security companies are able to accommodate pets. Some of the most popular security companies also have a pet policy section on their website, reaffirming their commitment to working with pets.

What type of pet deterrents are used? Many companies include a pet deterrent in their packages ranging from audible beepers that scare away pets to motion detectors that trigger a strobe light when a pet is too close.

What features does the system have? Pet-friendly security systems usually have the same features and functionality as regular security systems. The major difference is that they're designed with the idea of keeping pets in mind.

Is there a backup? Yes. While pets can sense when a security system is turned on or off, they don't know that they're being monitored by security. This means that just by turning the alarm on, you and your pet will have some peace of mind.