Best DIY Home Security Systems

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Best DIY Home Security Systems of 2022

When some people talk about home security systems, they think of a major expense with monthly monitoring. You can breathe easy and feel secure with a DIY home security system. From smart doorbells to home-security cameras, you can choose the options that will work best for your home and budget.

Take a look at these common DIY home-security options to ensure your home is safe.

Home-Security Visibility

You aren’t always at home, but with security cameras, you have the ability to see what’s going on in your home 24/7. These systems are easy to set up and monitor, regardless of where you are. Choose the resolution you need based on your needs and budget.

Home-Security Locks

Doorbell Cameras

Brilliant doorbell cameras have a variety of different features. They can capture video, send notifications, and even, talk to visitors. These cameras are great for houses with lots of traffic and those who want to monitor their home from anywhere.

Smart Locks

There are a variety of smart locks to choose from, whether you are a renter or a homeowner, you can find the perfect system to complement your lifestyle and budget. Some are compatible with your current lock and deadbolt and others are designed for a complete home-security makeover.

SimpliSafe – Best DIY Home Security

The SimpliSafe home security system is a good DIY option for a home security system. The company provides complete system packages that can be installed quickly and easily for a beginner. As a DIY package, installation is something that can be done with the assistance of a friend or family member or to save extra money, you may want to simply try installing the system yourself. The system comes with wireless door and window sensors, motion detectors, a panic alarm and a remote control. A keypad that can be attached to the wall with a screwdriver and two high-decibel sirens are also provided for your system. The most important part of the SimpliSafe system is the main control panel that is easily mounted to your wall in a location that the homeowner deems appropriate. In emergencies, it allows for a safe location to detect and respond accordingly.

SimpliSafe Equipment

To say that SimpliSafe is one of the best DIY home security systems is an understatement. It is one of the most popular home security systems to date. It comes with a 2-way communication system, a base station and wireless keypad, so that you can easily communicate with people inside and outside your home. It even comes with 60 sensors, which includes a smoke detector, a water detector and a freeze sensor. All of these sensors will help you keep an eye out on your home in an efficient way. With a property protection plan and interactive monitoring, you can make the most out of the home security that this system offers.

To make the most out of this home security, you can add extra sensors and keypads as needed. If you are going to use this system in conjunction with other devices such as thermostats and door locks, you could integrate it with those devices. SimpliSafe also gives users the ability to review the recordings that have been made via the app.

The home security system from SimpliSafe has been rated 4.2 stars by over 1600 verified customers. The same consumers also gave it 3 stars for ease of use, and 3.5 stars on installation.

About SimpliSafe Plans

SimpliSafe is an easy-to-use DIY home security company. SimpliSafe takes away the guesswork of home security. They have simple, yet secure home security solutions that are customized for each homeowner. SimpliSafe’s technology and product line has undergone a complete overhaul. SimpliSafe’s systems are wireless, customizable, and available online for a fraction of the cost of traditional security systems.

Unlike traditional security systems, SimpliSafe uses no land line or cellular connection. SimpliSafe is a self contained wireless system that uses a peer-to-peer alarm system and cell-phone monitoring. This protects your home, even without a land line. SimpliSafe monitors alert your local dispatch center and are dispatched to your location to resolve the issue.

With SimpliSafe, homeowners can choose their security solutions with ease. SimpliSafe has been around for a number of years and is a leader in the DIY home security market. This company offers products that surpass what you may expect for a DIY home security company.

SimpliSafe has two types of monitoring plans to choose from. These two plans have the same level of security and essential features provided in their encryption systems.

Frontpoint – Best Customer Service

I wanted to recommend Frontpoint as Best DIY Home Security because they have a great product and fast, courteous customer service.

When you call Frontpoint customer service, you'll get a real person. And having a real person at the other end of the line isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.

If you don't trust a company, you won't buy their product. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Frontpoint's customer service representatives were friendly, knowledgeable and seemed truly concerned with me.

They walked me through various transactions, questions about equipment, what's included in their monitoring plans, and other information. If you have any problems or just have a lot of questions, it's nice to have a real person at the other end of the line to talk to.

They also have fantastic online support and frequently updated information, and the online chat support is nice to have too.

Another frustrating aspect of dealing with security companies has been password issues (especially the ability to retrieve your own password), so I found it refreshing that Frontpoint fundamentally changed the idea of what a security company password should be.

Other industry standard issues with security companies have been disputes about the equipment you purchased, whether you purchased it, the quality and condition of the equipment, and the installation and monitoring of the equipment.

Frontpoint Security Equipment

About Frontpoint Plans

The basic security package includes equipment to protect 1, 600 square feet and extra devices to protect specific rooms such as a garage or office. The basic package includes a wireless security system, motion and door/window sensors, and alarm control panel. Optional equipment includes a dog barking warning system, indoor siren, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring. A wireless keypad system is also available.

No contracts are necessary to use the system and it features key fobs and a smartphone app. The system allows for self-monitoring, which means whenever there are suspicious activities, the customer is immediately notified via the control panel, email, text message, or smartphone app. Frontpoint has won numerous awards from leading organizations such as CNET and Consumers Digest.

A staff of security professionals will customize a system specifically for a customer’s home. Frontpoint works in conjunction with ADT, a larger national security company. Customers have access to the same monitoring team and help desk. Features include a Command Center, which allows customers to manage their entire system from an online control panel. Customers can arm and disarm their system through their mobile device and the website, including a key online dashboard.

Abode – Best No Contract DIY System

We chose Abode for several reasons:

  • It uses cellular backup instead of a landline
  • It is customizable
  • It works with many third-party Z-Wave devices
  • It is very easy to install
  • Three-Year Warranty
  • The Best DIY System on the Market
  • No-contract monthly plans
  • Cellular Backup & Easy Install

However, the one reason that put Abode over the top is that it provides cellular backup. This feature keeps you locked and loaded with peace of mind in case there is a power outage, someone cuts your internet cable, or the Cloud network is down. Other DIY systems on the market are limited to landline or Ethernet connections only.

Abode runs off of 3G and 4G networks, which can be expensive, but the cost is far less than a contract for landlines or cellular devices that are locked into 2-year agreements. You also have the option of bundling your cellular connection with your home internet. This can potentially save hundreds of dollars and give you the best technology for non-contract monitoring and cellular backup.

Abode Security Equipment

Abode Security is a DIY home security system that can be installed in minutes. With over 1 million devices sold, it is one of the most popular DIY security systems on the market. Its security equipment is not designed to replace your monitored security system or hardwired alarm system. It is a physical security system that cannot thwart burglars on its own. Instead, its focus is on providing intelligent home security that offers peace of mind.

Abode Security is a great option for homeowners with an average to high level of DIY expertise. Customers have found the installation of Abode’s kit to be delightfully intuitive. You can learn about how to install it on this site.

The brains of Abode Security is its hub, which functions as the system’s centerpiece and is the central location for operating the entire system. As the hub, it offers several key features:

  • Push notifications that can notify up to five people when a system event occurs
  • Well-rated smart home integration, including Amazon Alexa and Nest
  • An open platform that supports Z-Wave and Zigbee devices
  • Easy installation that makes use of existing hardwired devices
  • An optional cellular backup system

Abode Security offers other starter kits, which include the following equipment or a bundle of the above equipment:

About Abode Monitoring Plans

Abode is a powerful DIY security system that is customizable for your home. It offers an extensive set of connected devices and security capabilities including: video, smart devices, environmental sensors, smart locks, and more.

Deep Sentinel – Best Monitoring

For years, the US Government has been giving grants to law enforcement agencies to improve surveillance systems. These grants created a large market for systems that have helped to monitor hundreds of thousands of cameras. Though, to implement the video surveillance cameras in an easy and centralized way for the local police is not very easy.

Full of different brands, standards, and technologies, the world of thousands and thousands of video surveillance cameras systems is like a jungle. To add fuel to the fire, the security companies (both large and small) keep releasing new cameras, features, apps, etc. to satisfy the demand. It’s hard to believe, but the situation is even worse for home owners and companies that try to integrate the video surveillance cameras into their own business or private life.

Low-cost circuits, almost free video surveillance cameras systems and the abundance of different features, could lead to some people being bewildered by all the technical stuff when they should just choose which home security system would work best for them.

Deep Sentinel Security Equipment

"A smart home security system will not only keep your family safe, but it can also reduce your energy bills, keep intruders out and make your house safer when you're on holiday," says Andrew von Roon, co-founder and CEO of Cambridge-based Connected Cam, which uses new CCTV technology to provide a 24-hour "virtual window" in people's homes.

Best Technology

  • Computers and the internet: Video surveillance systems are usually connected to your Wi-Fi, allowing those at home and work to monitor their property remotely. This makes it possible to check that your toddler is safe in their nursery at midnight, or even let your dog out of the back garden – all from your smartphone.
  • Smart phones: Using your smartphone as a remote camera, along with a smartphone app, also allows you to use video surveillance from anywhere in the world, and with multiple cameras or single cameras, to monitor multiple properties.
  • Infrared and night vision: Never lose sight of what is happening in your home, even when the lights are off and the property is in darkness. Video surveillance systems are connected to external cameras fitted with infrared and night vision capabilities.
  • Wifi sensors: While video surveillance systems that include sensors can detect when someone is breaking into your home, remote access also allows the owners to gather valuable information on what is happening around the house “ the baby monitor has evolved.

About Deep Sentinel Monitoring

A DIY home security system can be as simple as setting an alarm and showing it to people who are curious. A security system is only as good as its monitoring. Whether it’s a hardwired or wireless system, your system should automatically contact the monitoring company any time an alarm sounds. If it doesn’t, then someone has to make a call. And if they aren’t aware of any alarms going off, they might not bother calling you.

Deep Sentinel provides built-in monitoring included with every purchase. The devices themselves are all wireless, which saves your home from hardwiring, and is how they’re able to provide constant monitoring with no extra cost. Deep Sentinel has around-the-clock monitoring to provide constant response to your security system.

If a problem is detected, they will automatically respond and contact you. When you’re not available, they will dispatch police or fire-rescue, as needed. Deep Sentinel provides peace of mind in a time when you might need it most. Security systems like the Deep Sentinel DIY security systems, never go away, and they’re always there for you.

Brinks – Easiest Installation

I chose Brinks as the best DIY home security system for a few reasons. First, it makes installation quick and painless. While the price for Brinks is on the higher-end, installation and access come with no monthly fees.

Second, Brinks has the best mobile app of the security systems we reviewed. The app shows real-time updates from the cameras, lets you control the alarm, and even set security alerts on your phone. Plus, it allows for voice commands with Google Assistant.

Brinks Security Equipment

Brinks Home Security is one of the leading security companies for home and business. Several of its brands rank the highest in the industry for quality and service. It has been in business for more than 100 years. They pride themselves on their superior customer service and support. Each member of their staff is committed to helping their customers feel confident with their security services. Their staff will review your security needs according to your lifestyle, budget and safety level requirements. As a top company, Brinks offers exceptional home alarm systems and high quality monitoring.

Their Brinks Complete package is a popular monitoring system. It includes a fire alarm system, video surveillance, window or door alarms, and a motion sensor that lets you know when anybody has entered the premises. If your system should be breached somehow, the Central Monitoring Station will relay the information to the police.

About Brinks Monitoring Plans

The Brinks Home Security is an interesting DIY home security system in a box. A security box definitely helps with home security, however the Brinks is not a traditional home security system that works on it’s own.

What is included?

The Brinks Home Security package includes the security box. The box comes with 2 panels that open and close automatically when the alarm is set off.

The package also includes a base unit, a motion detector with a built-in backup battery, a low battery indicator, and a 110-decibel siren. The siren doesn’t have a very loud pitch, but it’s loud enough to scare a potential burglar if they hear it.

One of the biggest advantages of the Brinks is that you can add on. The 119.99 package comes with the security box and panel. A second sensor, which can be a window/door sensor, or a motion detector with a built-in backup battery.

A second sensor increases safety when opening and closing doors and windows. The backup batteries are provided for the motion sensors. The system doesn’t have a local back up battery for the hard-wired base.

Why DIY?

Security systems in homes are a growing investment for many Americans today.

As crime rates have increased and home security has become more and more of an issue for families; realizing the risks aren’t worth the cost. Some companies offer deals with security system installations at a low cost, but when you spend a little time and money with a DIY home security system, you can earn more by installing it yourself.