Best Cellular Security Systems

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Best Cellular Security Systems

A cellular security system is a programmable key fob that enables you to control several aspects of your security system from a remote location. These types of security system key fobs are growing in popularity because they offer several benefits over traditional security systems.

Prevent False Alarms

Cellular security systems provide added convenience for customers because they allow you to arm your system using your key fob, so you don’t have to continuously carry your remote around with you. However, the most popular benefit of these key fobs is the ability to disarm and turn off your alarm system without having to touch your home security system.

In addition to being able to deactivate your security system, you can arm and disarm your system using an internet connection. You can control your security system when you are at home or when you are away. Most of these systems can be integrated with products that have a remote control capability like garage door openers, lights, and other convenience devices.

These systems can also be programmed to stay on or turn on automatically when you arrive home. This added feature is an effective way to trick potential burglars into believing you are home while you are actually away on vacation. The key fobs also include a panic button that will send a signal to the monitoring station if you are ever in danger.

SimpliSafe – Best Cellular Security Overall

The SimpliSafe cellular security system is able to protect your home with its small sensor. It’s designed to be hidden and monitors temperature, smoke, and humidity. It is expandable and includes 24/7 professional monitoring. The sensors also monitor doors, windows, motion, and water. If anything is detected that is outside of the normal range, you get alerted via any smart device. The cellular aspect of this system is important to note as it does not need a landline connection to work.

Cellular Coverage, Prices, and DIY Installation

Finding the right cell phone system is as important as finding the right provider. To get the best cellular security system, it’s important to choose the covering area of the service and the right price. In the United States, the coverage area served by cellular companies vary from 25 miles to 35 miles. It may be difficult to choose a cellular company based on areas of the country you may need service in. If a cellular security system is used for business purposes, choosing a cellular served area that includes major cities you need to be in or near is crucial.

The price of a cellular security system is something that should definitely be taken into consideration when you are looking for the right one for you. The costs of cellular services differs from one provider to the next. Some providers may charge higher fees due to the application being made while others may satisfy you with less fees even if there is the same type of application. Most times, the cheapest security system is not the right one for you. Be sure to shop around before deciding on a provider.

When you are choosing a cellular security system, you can go for the pre-activated model or you can choose a DIY kit that is readily available for purchase. The pre-activated kit works best for business owners and larger companies. They may have the option of purchasing additional users that have been pre-activated.

ADT – Best Professional Install Cellular Security

Unlike in the past few years when cellular companies began to expand and sharpen their focus, today we have a myriad of cellular providers and a dozen of ancillary companies (referred to as MVNOs). Cellular coverage is also improving, but still not ideal for everyone, depending on the location.

Know the Best Cellular Provider for Your Home:

AT&T: Best low-frequency cell carrier, which is great in metropolitan areas, not so great in rural areas. Reasonable pricing with a 700 MHz frequency band, which has better coverage than either Verizon or T-Mobile, and it's the only low-frequency spectrum on their network.

Verizon: Great service for more rural areas. Coverage and signal is stronger and better than AT&T's, but it's overpriced. Verizon does not rule out the possibility of getting a 700 MHz spectrum, which means a T-Mobile merger is possible.

T-Mobile: Average coverage; Average signal strength. Affordable plans, but again it's overpriced for what you get.

Sprint: Poor coverage everywhere, except in metropolitan areas. Overpriced plans with poor customer service.

Best Cellular Secuity System Installation Company

For the best install of a cellular security system, we recommend ADT based on where you live and the value proposition that they deliver.

Frontpoint – Best DIY Install Cellular Security

Frontpoint takes the cake for best DIY install security system. All of the systems in this and the next category are system-specific. Each security company uses their own model of equipment that is highly integrated with their service. While this limits your available options, it also means more features specifically for you.

For my mom and dad, I chose Frontpoint so that I would be able to check in on them via their online account. That allowed me to look through their past activity and check on the current state of their home when I was away. If my mom fell, I could check to make sure she had not tripped the alarm and was waiting for help. As such, I selected a system that allowed me to receive the alerts on my cell phone.

Frontpoint has a feature that allows you to receive notifications through your mobile phone (as well as other devices). Since their equipment is GPS based, they send live updates to their app regarding the approximate location of your home and all of your equipment. That means I never felt like I needed to make that call, “I’m about four blocks away, and I’m running late. I’ll be there as soon as possible.”

Vivint – Best Home Automation and Cellular Security

Vivint isn’t just a company that installs and sets up cellular security systems. They also offer home automation and other services, such as door locks, lighting, security cameras, and smoke alarms. They even have available package deals that save you money with all of the extra services. They consider their self a home solution company and they are great with customer support. They also have live 24/7 customer service and phone, text, or email.

When you sign up for Vivint cellular security you get a control panel that is installed in your home. It allows you to control the systems in your home from your smartphone. Some features include main door locks, intercoms to communicate, cameras that can be monitored from any phone, as well as any security system. It also includes smart devices that can let you know when they are tripped or if there is motion outside.

The main reason to go with Vivint is that you can live securely by knowing that your cell phone will contact Vivint in the case of a break-in. Your phone will tell them instantly when something is wrong. The rest of the features are fantastic, but your safety is what matters most.

Protect America – Best Value Cellular Security

Protect America is a top of the line security system that includes a cellular alarm system, wide variety of burglar and fire alarms, GSM (cellular) based home monitoring control panel, networkable keypads and it will integrate with all other security devices and systems. This is one of the few companies that truly can say "We Protect Everything".

Protect America works with most cellular carriers so they can offer top-notch protection inside and outside your home while other alert monitoring companies are stuck using one carrier. What is great about Protect America is that they give you a choice among five cellular alarm systems. These choices include the DSC Cellular GSM Alarm Starter Kit, the Conventional GSM Alarm, Symphony, IntelliNet and the N.O.X.

So if you don’t have a GSM network or are completely happy with your service, you can choose from their other fantastic kits. Protect America also offers suggestions on how to best use their equipment. You can request a kit that matches your current needs and it also includes everything you need for basic protection. In with the alarm system, if don’t already have a thermostat or a wireless keypad, they will include it free of charge.