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Best Business Security Systems of 2022

Private detective services are a necessity for some businesses, but for others it's a service that can be handled internally. For a small business, especially one with limited resources, it's a valid question to ask if they need to hire a private investigator. The following are some of the key areas in which small businesses can benefit from hiring a private investigator.

Business Insurance Investigations

Many insurance policies carry a clause that states that evidence of theft on a business' premises can result in the cancellation of the policy. Similarly, policies can require an investigation to prove or refute the claim. In both instances, hiring a private investigator is the best and most cost effective way to handle the investigation.

Business Background and Credit Checks

Performing a background check on a potential employee can be stressful and prove to be counter productive if you don't know how to craft one correctly. Private investigators understand how to both craft a custom and legally sound background check and perform the necessary on-site surveillance to see if the applicant lives up to their claims.

Product Diversion or Theft-Protection

Businesses lose enormous amounts of money to employee theft and smuggling. With private investigators, the owner of the business has an advantage over the employee if there is any attempt to smuggle the product or divert the product prior to the sales point. Private investigators can also monitor individuals outside of the business who are contracted to perform services on the businesses behalf.

SimpliSafe – Best Business Office Security System

  • SimpliSafe offers 24/7 professional monitoring as a part of their standard security package, with no contract. You can change the monitoring package as your facility’s needs change. Being able to choose your own monitoring company is a great advantage for business owners.

  • SimpliSafe is a major advocate of home security and has earned the title of the “American Dream Home Security Company.”

  • Pricing is simple. The monthly monitoring rates are for the package that you choose. The equipment cost is separate.

  • Everything is wireless. There is no need to have any wiring in your walls.

  • They offer a wide range of equipment from an entry sensor to complete base station system, and even have work order monitoring, and auto arm and auto disarm.

What Needs Improvement

SimpliSafe has a free equipment replacement in the first 12 months of service. However, if you go with the basic (Entry Level) monitoring plan, you only get four free equipment replacements for your system in total. After that, you would have to pay for the replacements.

Wireless vs Cellular Service

If you don’t have a monitored security system in your business, it’s time for you to consider employing one. You may be able to acquire the same level of security for your business without the monthly fees.

Security systems used to be monitored 24/7 through up a landline. Today’s businesses are increasingly going wireless and using cellular technology to monitor their customers’ security systems. This trend is likely to continue as cell phone service coverage becomes more seamless and reliable for businesses around the world.

So, what should you consider when looking at your options for unattended security? The answer to this question will vary in importance based on your particular needs, business size, longevity and location.

How much help will I have in an emergency?

Remember, a monitored security service requires one or more people to be on duty who can respond to an emergency. How fast can you get help from someone remotely, or how quickly can you make it to the location of the emergency?

Both of these options require local service that may or may not be available. If you are operating across a wide area or are geographically isolated in some way, you may not be able to call for help by cell phone. You need to determine how quickly help can be transported to you and what methods are available to your customers.

Vivint – Best Smart Business Security

If you’re thinking about buying a security system for your business, the technology available today is absolutely amazing.

The level of security is through the roof.

No longer do you have to depend on one or two cameras and eyeballing an intruder to deter home intrusions.

Cameras can monitor all entrances, hallways, and exits and provide an excellent source of evidence for prosecution if needed.

Secure doors can now be monitored, as well as smoke alarms, fire alarms and flood alarms.

All of this can be conveniently controlled with an easy-to use smartphone app, that even allows you to see what’s going on live with just a few taps.

Peace of mind and security are more affordable than ever.

Continuous Video Recording

I'm going to begin this discussion talking about the major obstacle to a successful surveillance system on a cost-performance basis – tape. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I'm going to say it – tapes are basically junk. There, I said it. It's true, tape is junk. That's right, NOBODY has ever been able to tell me, with a straight face, that a tape was a worthwhile product.

My whole position in this arena is simple – if you are going to sell a system to anyone in business for any length of time, then you had better offer something better than an archaic technology, tape. Are you actually telling people you are going to continue to use a technology that is almost 50 years old?!?

If you are, then you are telling me that your customers are either insane or you are. I'm willing to bet you aren't intentionally trying to employ such an archaic approach. You're not stupid, so this is not even an option for you, especially if you want a thriving, growing business. There is no sense in keeping the video on a tape that would cost 1/4 of the system price to replace.

Vivint Pricing & Products

Vivint offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an alarm system, security cameras, home theater, or a complete home automation system, Vivint will provide it for you.

Vivint offers many security systems for homes, including video surveillance systems that can be connected to your smartphone.

Vivint is well known for its exceptional customer support. Vivint security experts are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with the system, whether it is a false alarm or a security breach. All Vivint products are backed by a two-year service warranty.

What makes Vivint stand out is the company’s experience and history. Founded in 1999, Vivint continues to grow and expand, providing an extensive portfolio of security, home systems and energy products.

ADT – Best Commercial Grade Security

It is said that one of the most important sales of a home is during the first 3 months of ownership. In this time the wrong security system could prove to be the difference of thousands of dollars. If you have it, and someone breaks in, then you will be selling the home with it. If you don't have it, and they break in, then you are left with a broken-in house and no protection for the next buyer.

Nothing is more important than your family and your belongings. If you protect the former, then you can always recover financially in the latter. If your security is compromised, what are you going to do? Think about it before it’s too late.

You already have home security but are looking to upgrade. Don't forget to upgrade your home security system after a break-in. Can the security alarm company dispatch emergency services to your home when it has been breached. If they can't, upgrade to a security system like ADT that can.

ADT Alarm Pricing

When you are choosing a new security system for your home or business, price is most likely on top of your shopping list. This is where ADT really stands out from the competition. ADT is hands down the most affordable system in the industry. On top of that, it offers some of the highest rankings for reliability and fast response times. This combination results in the lowest rates of homeowners or business owners ever experiencing a break-in.

But, that’s not all! When you’re shopping around for a new security system, you’re probably going to read a lot of terms and jargon that you may not understand. With ADT, you get an upfront and honest, no nonsense quote. No extraneous monthly fees and no nonsense. Once you see the ADT red monitoring sign on your door, you know you’re protected.

What’s even better is that you can change your ADT home security plan whenever you see fit. It is very flexible to your changing needs and at times when you just want to add or drop features. And, the first 3 months are 100% free!

You get a lot more for a lot less, but that is only part of what makes ADT a top choice.

About ADT Cybersecurity

ADT is one of the biggest names in home security, and they’ve been protecting homes since 1874. Since that time, they have expanded their operations to clients around the world. They are a Fortune 200 company that has partnered with many of the biggest names in technology and entertainment. From Hollywood and tech giants to other servicemen you trust, ADT has your back.

ADT’s security services are reliable and comprehensive, protecting your home and business in all ways possible. Before you sign up for one of their three alarm monitoring packages, you have to sign a three-year contract.

You also have to pay for installation which doesn’t happen overnight. The entire process may take a few weeks, so it’s a good idea to request a home security quote well in advance of the month you want installation services to end.

The price of ADT’s security system has been steadily rising, especially with the addition of monitoring in contracts. They also charge an arm and a leg for the monitoring services. Finally, they have one of the highest cancellation fees in the home security industry.

Keeping all that in mind, ADT is still an excellent choice. But it helps to be aware of the pitfalls while researching your options.

Frontpoint – Best for Small Business

The Frontpoint keypad is a sleek and modern design. It offers a lot of great features, is easy to install and use, and also happens to be very affordable. Frontpoint uses technology that helps you to keep track of what is going on with your home while you are away, right from your phone. This way, you can tell if there is movement in an area, or if the temperature changes suddenly from, say, a broken window. You can even speak into the system to make sure the homeowner, your kids, or pets arrived safely at home.

This type of security system is perfect for the homeowner that doesn’t have the need to hire a security company, or that wants to work directly with the company for an installation. This type of service is great for small businesses who aren’t too large and want to protect their property with the most up-to-date technology.

Pricing for Kits & Monitoring

Another consideration to think about when you choose a system is whether it includes monitoring or just the actual kit. Monitoring is by far the most important part of a security system. If an alarm sounds, it’s useless if nobody can respond to it. Some systems don’t include monitoring, which can be the biggest drawback. The good news is that if you already have monitoring, the monthly fee is usually enough to cover a security system .

Additionally, make sure you research the monitoring before you buy a security system. Independent monitoring companies are very reputable, but there are also many alarm companies to choose from. There are some alarm companies that are more prone to have problems than others. It’s not usually a problem if a minor problem such as a battery needs to be changed, but it’s a serious problem if the monitoring is discontinued for whatever reason.

Whether you get a full system or purchase the kit and provide your own monitoring, you’ll find that the investment is more than worth it. The peace of mind of having your home protected is priceless.

Lorex – Best Security Cameras for Business

If you are looking for a easy and effective way to keep an eye on your business, you’ve come to the right place! Lorex has created four security camera systems for businesses that range from little, popular PTZs, to full-featured NVRs.