Scott Repasky

As a kid I was never the cool kid. I was the kid that parents would bring to the store with them and tell their friends about. I’d sit in the car while they ran in to get milk and I’d just sit there and read a book.

I’ve been a security nut since high school. I love to think about how to keep my family safe and secure.

Now I’ve gotten older, and I’ve noticed now that I’m the one in the store with the kids and they are the ones sitting in the car reading a book. I’ve learned that you can never be too prepared. I’d rather be the cool kid. I’d rather be the guy that everyone is talking about that knows a little about everything.

I’ve always been a big fan of the “Awareness” side of security because it’s not only the most cost effective, but it’s the easiest to implement and maintain. I’ve done a ton of research and security testing on things from home security, to car security, to personal security, and of course, public security.

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned over the years is that awareness takes constant training and development. So I’m always happy to be able to share my research, methods, and results with you and your growing family.

I’m going to bring you the wisdom I’ve acquired over the years and tell you about the things you should think about in order to keep your family and home safe. Let’s learn together and be the cool kid! I’m not going to say “be a cool kid” anymore. I’m going to say “be the cool kid”.

I’m hoping to help you and your loved ones be a step ahead of the criminals and if I can help you do that, then my job is done.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy,

Scott Repasky